Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork Recipe

How to make Sweet-and-Sour

This is the recipe for Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork. This is anther popular Japanese Chinese quick meal package. Only cut pork and vegetables and put sauce from package by Ajinomoto Cook do. Only cut pork and vegetables and put sauce from package.


*Meat (Chicken or Pork)————- about 1/2 lb, or 250g

*Onion ——————————One small

*Carrots —————————–1 or 2

*Bell pepper ————————–1/2

*Pineapple —————————-1/4

*egg ———————————1/2

*salt and pepper ———————-Pinch

*Potato starch ————————2TBS

The package looks like this.

First, Cut vegetables and pineapple like this. Then cut meat almost same size as vegetables. Put meat in the bowl and put salt and pepper then put egg mix together – marinate it. Put potato starch in the meat bowl and you can deep fry it. But this time, I put oil (2TBS) in the pan and cook it.

Put oil (1TBS) and sauté vegetables and meat. Batter tends to stick meat together when you cook it, so try to separate meat when you sauté it.

You can sauté meat first and take off from the pan and then, cook vegetables. (But if this is too much for you, you can put meat first and cook it. Do not take off the meat from pan and add other vegetables in the same pan.)

Add oil again (1TBS). At this time, put carrots first – cook longer than other vegetables, and then bell pepper, onion and pineapple. Because, carrots take little longer time to cook than other ingredients.

I use lid because I like carrots cook completely. When I put the lid, I also put half cup of water. This way, steam help cooking the carrots.

All ingredients are done, add Cook do sauce. Watch out the heat, the sauce is thick and easy to burn if heat is too high.

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