Japanese Ingredients

Japanese ingredients and seasoning – What to buy
When you go to Asian grocery store, you can find not only Japanese ingredients but also some other Asian one. You may confuse which food products you need to buy. The price is different also.

I will list basic Japanese one here. Of course, you can choose whatever you want, but it may taste different when it’s done. I suggest when you cook Japanese first time, try Japanese seasoning first and learn the real taste then change to the other one. You may end up liking Chinese soy sauce taste in Japanese food. That is OK! However, I want you to know real Japanese taste first.

Some foods are tricky. If you need to buy canned food, you usually see the pictures. However, if you are looking for dry food, you may not have any idea.

I wrote “Use Japanese spice first” but I put some foreign spice here also. Those are foreign adopted recipes. I think if you use original spice for them, it is taste better. You will see what I am talking about, maybe later.

I will list preserved foods with pictures, also. You go to store, you can easily find same one on the shelf.

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