Hijiki Dried Seaweeds Recipe

Seaweeds have many health benefit and I will put Hijiki dried seaweeds recipe here. It is delicious and low in calories, great for diet food. About the health benefit, readmy What is Hijiki? – The seaweed products page.


Dried Hijiki ——————————————–1oz
Fish Cake ——————————————– 2oz
Vegetable oil —————————————–2tbs
Carrot ———————————————–2oz
Onion ————————————————2oz
Soy bean (already cooked or edamame) —————————2oz

Dashi (katsuo dashi) ———————————–2 cups
Sugar ————————————————-3 tbs
Mirin ————————————————–4 tbs
Sake ————————————————–3 tbs
Soy sauce ———————————————6 tbs
Salt ————————————————–Pinch

Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki

Wash Hijiki well in ample water, letting sand and unwanted particles sink to the bottom of the bowl, and scoop it up in a strainer. Soak it in lukewarm water for 20 min. Rinse again in water and drain.

Cut vegetables all almost the same size. I cut soaked seaweed into about 1 inch pieces so other vegetables at a same size. Japanese people eat food using chop sticks. So you should cut the vegetables to a size that would easily picked up by chopsticks all ingredients at one time with each bite.

Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki

Put oil in the pot and heat it up. Put Onion and carrots into saute. Add seaweed and saute. Put dashi, sugar, fishcake into the pot and boil it. Add soy beans and boil it and add the rest of the sauce ingredients. Put Otoshi buta and turn the heat to low. Cook until the sauce is almost gone.



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