Mackerel with Miso sauce Japanese Recipe

One authentic original popular Japanese food and recipe is Mackerel with miso sauce. It is a sweet miso paste like sauce on this fish. This fish is rich in Omega-3’s and is very beneficial to health. King mackerel is popular fish in Japan.

Saba no miso ni

ginger cooking Otoshibuta Mackerel cooking

Mackerel ———————————2
Ginger ————————————1
Dashi ————————————1.5cup
Sake ————————————1/2 cup
Sugar ———————————-2oz
Soy sauce ——————————-2tbs
Miso ————————————2/3oz
Tahini (option) —————————1tbs

Put fish in the bowl and put boiled water and drain.
Put in pan Dashi, sake, sugar, and soy sauce and bring to boil.
Add fish and thin sliced ginger.  Ginger is necessary item.  Ginger help take off the mackerel fishy taste and smell. You must have the ginger for this recipe. 

Also, try not to have fish lying on top of eachother as much as possible.  Turn to mid heat and cook with Otoshi buta (drop-lid)  about 10 minutes.
Put some pan liquid in a small bowl and mix in miso paste and put back into the pot.
If you have Tahini, put 1tbs for extra flavor.

Tip: If you want to use a frying pan
You may be able to use a shallow frying pan for this cooking.   If you use a frying pan, use parchment paper to cover the fish instead of putting on the Otoshi buta (drop-lid).  Then put a regular frying pan lid on it. Cook 10 minutes.


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