Caramel Popcorn Recipe

Low calorie recipe for Caramel popcorn. I make this very often!
If you make your own, you can control your sugar and butter, i recommend you would make this instead buy it. It is cheaper, and less calories. The best thing is it is so Yammy!!

caramel popcorn

You pop the popcorn first.
I put popcorn in the paper bag and put them in the microwave.
heated about 2 min and take it out. I probably put about 1/4 cup of corn in the bag.

Make caramel:
2tbs water and 2tbs sugar together in the pot and high heat cook it until become brownish color (almost thicker than water) Then put butter 2tbs and melt them together. When you mix this, please use wooden spoon or something not plastic!

Put popped popcorn in the caramel pot and mix together.

caramel popcorn

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