Sermet’s Courtyard – Daniel Island SC

Sermet's Courtyard

From now on, I will try not toforget to take pictures not only of food I ordered at the restaurant, but also pictures of the restaurant  itself when I go to restaurants, from now on.
I have many chances to go to local restaurants in the Charleston area. Yes, I am a very lucky girl!
However, I didn’t take any pictures back then I decided to take pictures as much as possible so I can put them on my blog here.  I will write what I think about the restaurants.  People may think who does Yuri?  She is so high-handed. Who does she think she is!?

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I have Japanese taste, and  your tastes is different than mine.   So please forgive me if I write harsh opinions sometimes.  However, I usually go to restaurants with my co-workers who are also Japanese.  And I will write opinions but usuallythis is the Japanese people’s collective opinions.  I hope you do not get upset to read this page. 

This is new restaurant in Daniel Island near downtown Charleston SC. It used to be a different restaurant.  One day,  my co-worker said they are re-opened and many cars are parking in front of the restaurant, we have to check it out!   So, we did!

We arrived there before seven o’clock but it was full and we had to wait at the bar. …about 30 min. Gee, too bad for us, huh?!
However, Shane the bartender was very nice and everybody was friendly. It’s a nice atmosphere.

Sermet's courtyard

Sermet's courtyard

Those two pictures are appetizers. Sorry they are not good pictures.
The calamari needed a little bit more salt, I think. The second picture is of the artichoke dip. It was very good.
I didn’t realize until they came to the table, both were pesto based.

Sermet's courtyard

I think it was a Spain wine.  I liked it.

Sermet's courtyard

I liked the sauce VERY much. It has spicy Italian sausage and sea food pasta. However, I am VERY sorry that the pasta was so over cooked! The noodles were dead!  Not chewy at all…  I think this is a crime to serve spaghetti that is not al dente!  Usually American restaurants serve dead spaghetti pasta but this one was one of the worst.  I am really upset because the sauce was so wonderful!  The pasta becomes paste in your mouth.   I wish I could take the sauce back to my house and cook the pasta by myself and eat it. The sauce was really good. I will try to figure out what were the ingredients but one thing I couldn’t get. It was a familiar taste but I couldn’t figure out.  May be cumin. However, I don’t know of too many Italian recips that use cumin.

Sermet's courtyard

This is a risotto with duck. The skin on the duck was very crispy and it was very good. I was thinking I would have a very fatty duck, but it was not at all. However the risotto needed more salt for my taste. My co-worker said she thinks it needed more cheese for this risotto.

I forgot to take a picture of the double chocolate cake. It was dry and I was not really impressed with it. We couldn’t eat it all. I wanted to have different cake but I forgot the name of it. And I believe there was only one piece left. I thought it may be good to try new sweets. Maybe next time.

All in all, I liked the atomosphere. It would be a good date place. The food was pretty good. Next itme I will choose different foods because they may have just had a bad pasta – making experience.

I would difinitely go there again.

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  1. This looks like a very nice place to eat. The food is presented nicely. It’s a shame the food wasn’t very good. We will have to talk about the risotto and the sausage/seafood sauce. I think your co-worker was right about needing more cheese in the risotto. It doesn’t look very creamy. You also need a good-tasting liquid to cook the rice in. So, you are also right about needing more salt.

  2. Thanks Michelle! You should teach me your cooking! You know the food that I don’t know about. I am sure your risotto is very derish!! Looking forward to see your recipe!

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