What is Hijiki? – The dried seaweed products

Hijiki (Heejiki) – the dried seaweed products has many minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, and Sodium just lilke other seaweed products those are wakame and konbu.

Especially, Hijiki has the largest amount of Calcium than the other sea weeds.

Compared to konbu, Hijiki has twice as much Calcium.

Calcium works with Magnesium and it makes bones and teeth stronger, prevents osteoporosis, and relieves stress.
Iron in Hijiki is 550 times more than in milk.  The cure for anemia!

Iron is difficult to absorb, usually you should eat an amount a few times more than what is recommended. But, if you cook with other vegetables and eat together with iron-rich foods, the vitamin C in the vegetables helps absorption of iron in to your body. Then, you don’t need to eat much.

Fiber in Hijiki is 5 times more than in Gobo.  The intestines start working well and it is good for constipation.  Hijiki is very good food for women.

Also Hijiki has great amount of Zinc.

Zinc is good for your taste buds and sense of smell. And it helps your scars to heal faster.
Also, Hijiki is low calorie and low fat.  It is good for loosing weight in a diet.

You may think it is too much work to cook Hijiki, but you actually need to put Hijiki in water for 30 min.  After that, you cook it in water and you can store it in the refrigerator for few days.

Now, you can julienne lettuce and cucumber and mix them with Hijiki. Put your favorite salad dressing on it. It will be a very easy salad day!

Also, if you cook Hijiki with Soy, Abura age (fried Tofu), meat, vegetables (which I will introduce here), those ingredients nutrition complement each other and offers better nutrition in your food.  Takikomi gohan rice, and Sunomono (like pickles) etc.
It better to eat a little bit everyday.

Hijiki grows in winter to spring on the rocky beach.  It is not usually eaten raw. Cook it in water or steam first then dry it.

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