Osaka Kitsune Udon

Osaka udon

I just went to Japan and this time I went to Osaka.  I had Kitsune Udon in Osaka and I wanted to let you know about Japanese Udon.  I had to have this Osaka flavor Kitsune Udon in Osaka.

Tokyo has same Kitsune Udon in the Udon restaurant.  You may think what is the different between Tokyo and Osaka.  Well, flavor is different.  When you take Dashi (read my other page how to make Dashi), Tokyo use Katsuo (fish) and Osaka use Konbu (sea weeds).  Also looks are different.  You will see the above picture soup color.  It is clear.  Tokyo udon soup is darker and you may not see the udon in the soup.  If you go to Kyushu, the soup is clearer and taste sweeter.

You may not be able to find Osaka style udon in Tokyo so I had to have Kitsune udon in this trip to Osaka! – mission accomplished.

One more thing, if you read my other Curry Udon page, you may know this restaurant.  I went to there again.  Yes, it was after had my hair cut, again.  I wanted to try new flavor there.  My beautician said spicy curry is good. 

curry udon

So, I tried this time spicy curry udon!  It was good, but I was bit disappointed.  Because, taste was just like Thai red curry sauce.  Yes, udon in the Thai red curry, that I thought. 

spicy curry udon

You have to really careful when you eat this noodle.  Even I ate very carefully, I splash the sauce on my t-shirts.  Curry is known to be very difficult to take off from clothe once you put it on your clothe.  Yes, I did some..  You must to have bib on you.

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