Yamato Japanese Stakehouse Restaurant in Charleston SC

Yamato Stake House in Charleston SC

This is my favorite Japanese restaurant that I go out to if I want to eat Sushi. The sushi Chef is Japanese and he knows about raw fish. Recently he started using real dashi, not artificial powder dashi which has MSG in it, for their miso soup, recently.The soup tastes different if you use real dashi or artificial dashi. He also said he started to prepare fish by himself. For example, mackerel sushi, which mackerel was treated with salt and marinated in vinegar. Many restaurants use frozen ingredients. Restaurant food supply companies sell  already prepared frozen fish in the bag. However, the Yamato Japanese Steakhouse Restaurants in Charleston, Chef Mura, does his own preparation. Those things make a difference than in other restaurants.  That makes me want to go back to eat sushi there. Plus, I can talk to him in Japanese, also. He knows what I want without telling a lot because he knows the real Japanese taste. I trust his cooking and preparing for me, I feel like I am at home in Japan.

This is what he made for me, last night. I had rice and miso soup with it.  Just like Japanese sashimi teishoku. I felt like I was in Japan! If you want to eat real Japanese sushi, go this restaurant and say hi to Chef Mura.


By the way, the right top fish is his own preparation Saba, mackerel, sashimi.

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  1. That looks like awesome hamachi!

  2. Thank TJ! It was not only looks but also taste!

  3. Eric@Japanese Translator says:

    I wish Chef Mura was working in London – that Sashimi looks amazing!

    (the Mackerel is my favourite!)

  4. Thank you Eric, i will let him know.

  5. Savannah says:

    Omg! Where are you located and do you have Japanese curry?!

  6. Savannah
    Yes, i have japanese curry and i can buy from my local grocery store anywhere. I am locate in Charleston SC.

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