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I wrote Japanese new years food Osechi Ryori before and it is this page.  This is my second time writing about Osechi.  So it:s been 2 years after I startedd this blog.  I just came back from Japan visit my parents this New Year.  I post pictures of my mother’s Osech and my family’s Osechi.

osechi ryori


The term osechi originally referred to o-sechi, a season or significant period. New Year’s Day was one of the five seasonal festivals (節句 sekku) in the Imperial Court in Kyoto. This custom of celebrating particular days was introduced from China into Japan. If you read more about Osaechi ryori, go this page.

I realized this year that Osechi doesn’t have much meat. Traditionally, Japanese people eat fish. So, there are many cooked fish and vegetable foods. Also those are preserved foods, so they use a lot of sugar. I figure out, that is why I like Osechi Ryori so much!

Some of my friends said they don’t care about Osechi. I love this food very much and I must have them once a year, otherwise, I don’t feel like New Year come.


assuage tofu

new year food


kegani crub

Also i write about my family traditions here. We have a New Year’s reunion every year. I missed it these past 2 years, because I didn’t go back home.

My grandmother is very good with Osekihan which is red bean (azuki) bean rice. Azuki bean rice is famous for celebration food. It is very popular that Japanese people eat this rice when they have some celebration. (ex:new year, marriage ceremony, have a baby, etc) If you want to read more about Osekihan, go to this page.

I think still my grandmother’s Osekihan is the best, but her son’s wife (my aunt) is continuing making it every year after my grandmother passed away. Those are mother’s taste which is comfort food for Japanese and rustic food but I love them. She is very good at making it just like my grandma. Some of the other dishes on this page, I made these differently. I truly love my aunt taste of those foods when I go to her house for New Year’s day reunion.

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  1. This is very interesting to see how Japanese celebrate the New Year. The food looks so pretty. I must say, Japanese have the best presentation of food. If you look at cooking shows on TV, expensive restaurants seem to imitate the Japanese food presentation style. I’m glad you were able to visit your family.

  2. Thank you Michelle, I had a great time with my family this year 2012! I ate a lot and gain weight. I love cooking and eating and i feel happy when I eat favorite food with friend and family, that is the joy of life, i think.

  3. Eric@Japanese Translation says:

    Yuri, I couldn’t help but have a look around your site after seeing the last post. The pictures of your mother’s Osech are amazing! You are very lucky indeed 🙂


  4. Thank you Eric, i will let my mother know. Have you ever been in Japan? Do you speak Japanese?

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