Brown Bean Sauce

What is brown bean sauce or brown bean paste? How can you make this own?

brown bean souce

I make my own. It is not very difficult so if you have a time, make your own.
Of course, you can buy it. It is about 5 dollars  for a jar in the store.
I find regular grocery store at ethnic section.

Brown souce

Real one use Haccho miso.
It is difficult to find Haccho miso in my town so I use regular miso.
Haccho miso is storonger taste than miso compare to regular miso. Usually red color.

Miso ————————————- 1 pound
Sugar ———————————— 1 pound
Soy souce ——————————– 2 cups
Salad oil ———————————-1/4 cup
Sesami oil ——————————— 1 1/2 tbs

Put Miso, sugar, soy sauce in the pot and mix well. Cook it 40 to 50 min on low heat. (do not burn it!)
Add salad oil in cooked miso and additional 10 min to cook it. Turn off the heat and add sesame oil and mix well.
Put in the jar and store in the refrigerator.  This size makes 2 of my picutre’s jar.

Spicy Brown Bean Sauce

This picture is what I found in local super market.
It says  SPICY but my ingredients don’t have any hot spicy thing.
But Chinese character said this is the same sauce that I am making it.


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