About Me

Hi, I’m Yuri, this website is about Japanese foods, Japanese ingredients,  Japanese cooking and Japanese culture.   I write Japanesecookinglovers.com to help non-Japanese people to learn Japanese foods.

I am currently working for Japanese Company, and occasionaly teaching Japanese home cooking in local gormet kichen sotre  in Charleston SC.   Charleston is small but very cute city.   It is historical and a major tourist destination.   I have been living here about 10 plus years and I like this city very much.   One of the reasons,  there is a large number of awards – winning restaurants in downtown Charleston.   It’s located on a coastline, so they have rich sea food also.   As a Japanese person, I like sea food and I understand not every American like sea food like Japanese do.   To get fresh sea food and Japanese ingredients are important for my Japanese cooking life.

Why I write this?

 I started this Japanese Cooking website in June 8th 2010 to help other non-Japanese people who like to cook new recipes or good food.   I love cooking and like to learn new recipes from any country if it’s good.   However,  when I want to buy new stuff, I have problems.   Sometimes I can not read their language so I am not sure what I am buying.   I thought it may happen to non-Japanese people who like to eat Japanese foods,  too.   Also,  it is easy to figure out if it is familiar food (my case it’s Japanese food),  what the ingredients are in the food.   But if it is not my food,  it is very difficult for me to figure out the spices.  So I came across the idea that I can make a website and put recipes for Japanese foods and Japanese ingredients you can find in Asian store.   It may help people who like to try new Japanese food. Even box – instant food – sometimes it is difficult to figure out what is the small picture on the box.   If I can put pictures exactly how it looks at the grocery store, it would be easier to find Japanese ingredients.   So,  I started this website.

What I think about Japanese restaurants in U.S.?

I hear my American friends say “Such and such restaurant is great Japanese cuisine”. Usually those are Teppan food they are talking about and I feel sorry that they are only experienced in Teppan Japanese food and they think it’s great.   I ate Teppan in several Japanese restaurants but I have never been satisfied with those foods.
Even rice, which is served at the restaurants,  tastes horrible! They use a cheap brand (I understand it, so they can make money) and it is sad to me.   If you start eating good grade Japanese rice,  you can tell the taste is different! I have an American friend who noticed the difference between regular rice and Japanese rice.   She now buys Japanese rice.

Thank you for viewing!

So, this is about me.   I would like to tell people!! Those restaurants are not real good Japanese foods.   Please try good Japanese food!   You can taste the difference and you can choose good Japanese restaurants or not!
Food is a culture.   Eating good tasting food makes people’s life rich! It’s doesn’t cost a lot (you may think Japanese food are expensive) if you can cook at your home.  I hope you will like to cook Japanese food from my website and will enjoy your rich cooking life through my website!