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Dashi Broth Soup Stock Soba Sauce & Soup Recipe

How to make Dashi Broth Soup Stock Soba Sauce & Soup Recipe. Japanese-Broth which is Dashi the soup stock.   It’s a Japanese basic recipe, you need this for almost any Japanese food.   You have to know this! This is basic and same as other country recipes.   Broth is the one of the most important recipe.   You will use Dashi for almost every Japanese food.

How to make Japanese-Broth which is Dashi the soup stock. I  t’s a Japanese basic recipe; you need this for almost any Japanese food.   You have to know this. This is basic and same as other country recipes.   Broth is the one of the most important recipe.   You will use Dashi for almost every Japanese food.

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It is usually a fish stock and use shaved dried bonito, dried small sardines. Sometimes use Konbu (sea weed) and dried Shiitake mushrooms.   This page contains soup for Japanese noodles and bonito flakes.   But this is for Miso soup, also.

This Page contains 2 different recipes which are how to make Japanese Noodle Soup and how to make Soup Stock, Kaeshi and Dashi – broth.

How to make “Dashi ” – Broth

*Water ————————-4cups
* Bonito flakes —————– Katsuo bushi 20-30g= 1oz (7-10 small packages)


Bonito flakes are look like this. You may find a small packaged in the store.   One package is 3g (popular one) or you can buy one big package. I put this picture, small package, here.
Put bonito flakes and water in the pan and boil it.   Cook 10 to 15 min high heat.   Skim will form around the edge of the pan.

Japanese Broth dashi and soba soup

Water is decreasing, that is OK!
You will strain the Dashi.   Put cooking cloth (cheese cloth is good, if you have it) on the draining basket and drain the Dashi.

How to make Kaeshi

Now Make Soy sauce soup which called “Kaeshi”.

*Soy sauce —————-3oz
*Mirin or Sake ————–2TBS
*Sugar ——————–1TBS + 2tsp

 This is not Soup Stock, Dashi.   This is How to make Japanese Noodle Soup.   You can use this for many Japanese foods, but Dashi is the Fish Broth.   Do not confuse it!*****************************************************************************************************

Put Soy sauce, Mirin (or Sake) and sugar in the pot and heat it up but not boiling. When sugar is dissolved, turn off the heat and cool it down.


You can put this in the refrigerator and hold for 3 days to a week without lid on. Then you put lid on, it will be good for 1 year in the refrigerator. However, you can use this right away.
How to make Soba or Udon Soup
Now you have “Kaeshi” and “Dashi”.

How to make Udon or Soba Soup or Sauce

If you are making “Tsuke soup” (dipping noodle soup), Kaeshi:Dashi = 1:3.
If you are making “Kake soup”  (bowl noodle soup), Kaeshi:Dashi = 1:5.

Japanese-Broth,  Dashi for Every food
Japanese-Broth,  Dashi is Japanese basic soup stock.   You can use this Japanese soup stock almost every thing for Japanese original food.   For example,  Miso soup,  Egg Omelet (Tamago yaki),  Egg custard (Cha-wan mushi),  Katsu don, Ten-don,  Tempra soup,  etc.

Is this too much for you??

If so, you can buy Dashi from store which is powder one. And noodle soup,  also.   However this is a basic recipe and it is good to know how to make it.   Because this is taste much better than you can buy from powder Dashi or Ready to eat Noodle Soup in the package.

How to Make Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches


How to make Teriyaki-Chicken-Sandwich, the Japanese sandwiches.

This page has many pictures; you can learn how to make Chicken Teriyaki.


American people think Teriyaki is a Japanese sauce. Because, there are many Teriyaki Sauce in the bottles at the grocery store.
Actually, “Teri Yaki” means “Shiny cooked”. Almost like very thick sauce on the food. For example, you cooked Chicken any flavors in the pot. The liquid dissolved and sauce is getting thicker and thicker, and sticking on the Chicken. It is a state of cooking, not the sauce.
Anyway, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich is popular food. Japanese usually call it “Teriyaki Chicken Burger” Or “Teriyaki Burger”. Even Japanese MacDonald’s or other first food burger shop has it.

The teriyaki sauce is good with mayonnaise! You can also try, regular burger cooks this way, and put vegetables and mayonnaise, it will be good, too!! Try it!

Ingredients: (per one person)

*Chicken ——————–One breast meat
*Sugar ———————-3/4 tsp
*Soy sauce ——————3/4 tsp
*Mirin ————————3/4 tsp
*Sake ———————–3/4 tsp
*Salt and Pepper
*Oil ————————-3/4 tsp

Salt and Pepper on the meat.

Put oil in the pan and cook chicken.

If you use the thicker chicken breast, make sure you cook inside also. I usually cook until outside is a little brown by high heat on both sides. Then, I turn the heat to medium and put lid on to make sure I cook thoroughly.

When chicken is cooked, put sauce (already mixed together) over the chicken. Sugar in the sauce should be dissolved or mixed well.

Do not put lid on and cook with low to mid heat – careful not burn it! It will easily burn because sugar is in the sauce.

The sauce is getting thicker and thicker. You should turn the meat so the sauce is getting onto the meat.

I cut the meat in half. Put mayonnaise on the bun and add all of the other ingredients.


teriyaki chicken sandwich