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Simple Best Japanese Meatloaf and Sauce Recipe

Add a new twist to your old favorite meatloaf recipe and try a simple best Japanese Meatloaf and meat loaf sauce. It is soft and juicy, and I guarantee you’ve never had this kind of meatloaf before. Also try the new Japanese meat loaf sauce recipe for your original meat loaf!   This meat loaf doesn’t need an oven.  So you can make this smaller and individually, then you can put into the bento.   Actually, it is a bento favorite.

meat loaf

Ground meat pork and beef 50/50 —————-10 1/2oz
Onion ————————————————–1
Egg —————————————————–1
Milk —————————————————-3/5 cup
Panko ————————————————–2 4/5oz
Garlic ————————————————–1 clove

Soy sauce ————–1tbs
Worcester Sauce ————-1tbs (Like A1 sauce, Bulldog sauce)
Ketchup —————-1tbs
Nutmeg —————–pinch
Salt and pepper ——pinch

making panko panko making seasoning

Finely chop onion, and grind ginger. Sautee onion in a frying pan and saute them and put salt and pepper.
Cool onion down before putting in the meat.
First, in to the bowl, put milk, panko, garlic, egg, and seasoning ingredients and mix well.
Then, put the meat in the bowl and mix very well. Make sure to whip the meat long and hard to tenderize the meat. This is a Japanese tip to tenderize ground meat!

Then put cooled onion into the bowl and mix them together. Make shape into thick patties and cook in the pan.  At this time, if you push the middle of the oval shape meat a little bit and make middle of the patties concave.

meat 50/50 meat mix well sticky meat

You make a oval round shape meat dough and push a little in the middle of the meatloaf dough.  It is make cook quickly in the middle of the meat loaf.  (If you see the top of the page picture of meat, the middle is not brown compare to outside)

Frying pan oil should be hot so meat won’t stick to the pan. Be patient and don’t play with the meat – let it cook the meat or it may break apart. Cook one side first and do not move the meat dough around until it become golden brown color.  Heat the frying pan and oil good, before you put meat.

Flip the meat and put lid about one minute.  Make sure the heat go through the middle of the meat loaf.

Onion small —————————-1/2
Garlic ————————————1 clove
Soy sauce ——————————3tbs
Honey ———————————-1/2tsp
Rice vinegar —————————-2tbs
Sake ————————————-2tbs
Mirin ———————————–1tsp
Sesame oil —————————–1/3tsp

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend it. Do not make it totally liquid. Leave some chunks in the sauce. Put all in a separate pot and cook (not boil) about 10 minute in order to store extra sauce. This helps make this sauce store longer for other recipe or next meat loaf dinner. You will put this sauce on the meat before eating them.



Mackerel with Miso sauce Japanese Recipe

One authentic original popular Japanese food and recipe is Mackerel with miso sauce. It is a sweet miso paste like sauce on this fish. This fish is rich in Omega-3’s and is very beneficial to health. King mackerel is popular fish in Japan.

Saba no miso ni

ginger cooking Otoshibuta Mackerel cooking

Mackerel ———————————2
Ginger ————————————1
Dashi ————————————1.5cup
Sake ————————————1/2 cup
Sugar ———————————-2oz
Soy sauce ——————————-2tbs
Miso ————————————2/3oz
Tahini (option) —————————1tbs

Put fish in the bowl and put boiled water and drain.
Put in pan Dashi, sake, sugar, and soy sauce and bring to boil.
Add fish and thin sliced ginger.  Ginger is necessary item.  Ginger help take off the mackerel fishy taste and smell. You must have the ginger for this recipe. 

Also, try not to have fish lying on top of eachother as much as possible.  Turn to mid heat and cook with Otoshi buta (drop-lid)  about 10 minutes.
Put some pan liquid in a small bowl and mix in miso paste and put back into the pot.
If you have Tahini, put 1tbs for extra flavor.

Tip: If you want to use a frying pan
You may be able to use a shallow frying pan for this cooking.   If you use a frying pan, use parchment paper to cover the fish instead of putting on the Otoshi buta (drop-lid).  Then put a regular frying pan lid on it. Cook 10 minutes.


Japanese egg omelette recdipe – Dashimaki tamago

Japanese egg omelette – Dashimaki tamago recipe.  It is a very popular bento item and Japanese breakfast item. I use a square pan and it makes it easy to cook a perfect roll.  If you have a square frying pan, it make your omelette cooking easier.

dashi maki tamago omlet

Japanese omelette is a very popular food for Japanese lunches or bento and breakfast.  Some Izakaya (Japanese tapas bar) has this on the menu. 

If you put more dashi, it becomes a softer egg omelette.  However, it is difficult to roll or handle it.  You need cooking skills or a technique. 
It is easy to cook and if you have square frying pan, it makes it a lot easier.

I didn’t put a picture here but when  you serve this meal, you can put ground daikon radish with it.  Put a dash of soy sauce on the daikon and eat with the egg.  Some people serve it this way.


Egg ——————————-3
Dashi —————————–3tbs
Salt ——————————Pinch
Mirin —————————-1tsp
Sugar (option)———————1tsp

I don’t put sugar into my omelette  because my mother didn’t put it in and I  grew up with it this way.
Some people like sweet onees, so this is an option.

I used to use regular round frying pan but I bought the square one this summer for my boss’  lunch.
It is very easy to flip and make it prettier.

This is how to do it:
Put all ingredients in a bowl together and mix well. Heat the pan and put 1tsp oil . Put 1/3 of the egg from the bowl into the heated pan and start flipping from the edge. Turn the heat mid to low. Once you get the egg rolling, pull it close to your side (handle side). And once it cames toward you, slip egg to the other side of pan. Put 1/3 of egg again in the open space and cook it half way. Start flipping from the edge again. You will continue to do this 3 times.

You need to put high heat first to heat up the pan and oil so eggs won’t stick on the pan. But be patient! You should turn the heat low and take time to cook the egg when you put eggs on the pan. Otherwise, it starts sticking on the pan and not making a pretty color and shaped egg rolls! You end up making scramble eggs.

Japanese egg omlet

Japanese egg omlet

Japanese egg omlet

Japanese egg omlet

Japanese egg omlet

Japanese egg omlet


Agedashi Tofu Recipe Easy Deep Fried Tofu

Agedashi tofu recipe which is easy deep fried tofu. You can see this item in Japanese Izakaya (Tapas bar) a lot. It is popular food in Japanese style bar menu. It is one of my favorite food. By the way, this pronounce “Agay dashee Dofu”, not Age (how old you are).

Age dashi dofu

I always use soft tofu for this recipe instead of farm. Because I just like soft (Kinugoshi) one better than farm one. However if you like farm, use them! If you use farm one, try to take water off of it. You can push softly by hand (do not smash them or break them) or put on the cutting board and put some heavy (but not too heavy to break the shape of tofu) stuff on the it so inside the water comes out. Then cut them and put starch on them.

YouTube Preview Image

Tofu ———————————————-1
Potato starch ———————————-5tbs
Soba tsuyu (dashi) —————————–1cup
grated Daikon radish ————————–3tbs

potato starch

Put potato starch on the plate.


Wipe off water from Tofu.


Put starch on them, all 6 sides.

deep fry tofu

Put in the deep fryer and fry it.
I have deep fryer so it is easy to control the temperature. I put about 340 degrees for oil. If the temperature is too low, the potato starch will be soft and soggy. If it too high, you may barn the potato starch. You don’t need to cook long time for this recipe, you need to cook potato starch color turn to golden brown.

Finish age dashi tofu

Put Agedashi-tofu in the bowl and put Soba tsuyu dashi over it. Put grated daikon radish on top of Agedashi-dofu.


Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe (Japanese pancake/pizza)

As you like it, you can create the Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake or pizza. The OKONOMI means `As you like it`. So basically you can put anything you want into one pan-cake.

Okonomi Yaki

I used Okonomi-yaki no kona (Flour for Okonomi-yaki) but you can make it without this kona.
You can use regular flour, but I recommend to add the Yamaimo (mountain yam) potato. Yamaimo potato is a slimy potato and you may need to go in Asian grocery store to buy it. If you can not find it, use a regular potato. Potato gives you fluffiness and a not so floury after taste when you eat this pancake.  If you use regular flour, you should use Dashi instead of water.  Also put 1 tsp baking powder. 

okonomi yaki flour Sakura Ebi dried shrimp Otafuku sauce Okonomiyaki sauce Beni shoga  ginger pickles Aonori Mandoline Cabbege

Picture above:  (From top left) Okonomi yaki flour, small shrimp, Otafuku Okonomi yaki sauce,  pickled ginger (Beni shoga), sea weed (Ao nori), mandoline and shredded cabbage by mandoline.

Cabbage ———————————————————7oz
*Pickled ginger ————————————————–2tbs (Option but I recommend it!)

Flour ————————————————————5 1/4oz
Water ———————————————————–5 oz
Yamaimo (mountain yam) potato (or regular potato) grainded —————-2 4/5 oz
Egg —————————————————————4
Salt —————————————————————1/2tb
*Koebi (Dried small shrimps) ———————————2tbs
*Age dama (tempura crumb) ———————————–5tbs

Topping :
Okonomi yaki sauce
Dried bonito powder
Ao nori (sea weed)
* those are option

If you go to an Okonomi-yaki restaurant in Japan, you may choose ingredients from a set lis of ingredients.
I usually like to put cheese and Mochi in mine.
Also, pickled ginger and Koebi, which I put those for options. But if you want put your Japanese pancake/pizza to taste like real Okonomi yaki restaurant’s, so I’d put them in there.

 Okonomiyaki Ingredients

This is what I put in to my Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe this time.
You make the batter first and put in the other ingredients. I put Age dama in last.
I belive Age dama is for crunchiness and if you put this in first, Age dama absorbs out the liquid and it won’t be crunchy.

This is how to make Age dama


Mix together Tempra Ko (Tempra flour) and water then deep fry it.  Drop very small amount into the hot oil.
Be careful not splash the oil but if you drop batter in the oil high enough, it makes small drops like the picture above.
When it becomes brown, you take it out of the oil and put it on a paper towel to absorb the extra oil.

 Okonomi Yaki

Lastly, put all ingredients together and mix them.

Okonomi Yaki Egg Okonomi Yaki Okonomi Yaki

Put oil on a frying pan and drop in an egg, and put the mixed okonomi-yaki batter on top.  Cook it until the bottom browns and flip it over.

Do not push or smash the top, just let it be and cook the other side.  I put lid over it for a minute to make sure it cooks inside, especially if you put meat in the batter.  I flip one more time and make sure it is cooked inside.
When it’s done, takeout of the pan and put it onto a plate.
Top the pancake with sauce, mayonaise, Katsuobushi flakes and nori, if you have them.

At least, Be sure to put on the sauce and mayonaise for the best taste!


Visit Her blog to see how she’s cooking this.

I found this Otafuku sauce company page and they have a page how to cut cabbage. I know this is a Japanese web page and you may not read it. However, you can see the picture so you can use their tips.


Hijiki Dried Seaweeds Recipe

Seaweeds have many health benefit and I will put Hijiki dried seaweeds recipe here. It is delicious and low in calories, great for diet food. About the health benefit, readmy What is Hijiki? – The seaweed products page.


Dried Hijiki ——————————————–1oz
Fish Cake ——————————————– 2oz
Vegetable oil —————————————–2tbs
Carrot ———————————————–2oz
Onion ————————————————2oz
Soy bean (already cooked or edamame) —————————2oz

Dashi (katsuo dashi) ———————————–2 cups
Sugar ————————————————-3 tbs
Mirin ————————————————–4 tbs
Sake ————————————————–3 tbs
Soy sauce ———————————————6 tbs
Salt ————————————————–Pinch

Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki

Wash Hijiki well in ample water, letting sand and unwanted particles sink to the bottom of the bowl, and scoop it up in a strainer. Soak it in lukewarm water for 20 min. Rinse again in water and drain.

Cut vegetables all almost the same size. I cut soaked seaweed into about 1 inch pieces so other vegetables at a same size. Japanese people eat food using chop sticks. So you should cut the vegetables to a size that would easily picked up by chopsticks all ingredients at one time with each bite.

Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki Hijiki

Put oil in the pot and heat it up. Put Onion and carrots into saute. Add seaweed and saute. Put dashi, sugar, fishcake into the pot and boil it. Add soy beans and boil it and add the rest of the sauce ingredients. Put Otoshi buta and turn the heat to low. Cook until the sauce is almost gone.



Japanese Miso Soup Recipe and ingredients ideas

Recipe of Japanese miso soup is very easy and I put miso soup ingredients ideas in this page .You can put basically anything in Japanese miso soup. Ingredients ideas of Tofu and wakame are very standard one. And I give more ingredients ideas here because you only see wakame and tofu miso soup in U.S. restaurants but not other vegetables in the soup.
YouTube Preview Image

Japanese miso soup (味噌汁, misoshiru) is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called “dashi” into which is mixed softened miso paste. Although the suspension of miso paste into dashi is the only characteristic that actually defines miso soup, many other ingredients are added depending on regional and seasonal recipes, and personal preference. You can read more at Wikipedia Japanese miso soup page.

wakame, daikon and yamaimo misosoup

Miso soup (Onion and wakame)

If you are woman, you should know how Miso is good for your body and especially.
You will make Dashi first. Dashi making can be made in a couple of different ways.
This page, I use Niboshi. I also write about Katsuo bushi dashi. You can also make Konbu dashi.



Japanese Miso Soup Ingredients:

How to make dashi by Niboshi.
Water ———————————–3 cups
Niboshi ———————————-6 (take off head)

I used niboshi this size for 6. If you have smaller one, please put more than 6.

Put Niboshi in the water and simply boil it.
You will see the golden color water and it will be done.
I usually cook it about 10 min.

YouTube Preview Image

Also check my How to make dashi page to learn how to make dashi.
You can use those katsuobushi dashi instead Niboshi dashi.

When you make dashi, put in vegetables and cook it.  When vegetables are cooked turn the heat off and put miso in the pot.

Japanese Miso Soup Idea Ingredients:

Tofu and Wakame = very popular
Nang nege (long chinese onion) and Age (fried tofu)
Kabocha squosh and Age
Onion and wakame
Cabbage and Age
Bean spraut and Age
Daikon and Wakame or Age

misosoup wakame daikon yamaimo Daikon, wakame, yamaimo

miso soup cabbage,carrots,onion cabbage, carrots, onion

Well, there are just some ideas of Japanese miso soup, but basically you can put in any vegetables.
You can be creative.
However, I have never seen celery in miso soup. It is not a standard Japanese taste.
There are many vegetables and tofu, even meat, in the miso soup and it will be called by a different name.
I will put this recipe in later. It is called Buta Jiru (pork soup).


Brown Bean Sauce

What is brown bean sauce or brown bean paste? How can you make this own?

brown bean souce

I make my own. It is not very difficult so if you have a time, make your own.
Of course, you can buy it. It is about 5 dollars  for a jar in the store.
I find regular grocery store at ethnic section.

Brown souce

Real one use Haccho miso.
It is difficult to find Haccho miso in my town so I use regular miso.
Haccho miso is storonger taste than miso compare to regular miso. Usually red color.

Miso ————————————- 1 pound
Sugar ———————————— 1 pound
Soy souce ——————————– 2 cups
Salad oil ———————————-1/4 cup
Sesami oil ——————————— 1 1/2 tbs

Put Miso, sugar, soy sauce in the pot and mix well. Cook it 40 to 50 min on low heat. (do not burn it!)
Add salad oil in cooked miso and additional 10 min to cook it. Turn off the heat and add sesame oil and mix well.
Put in the jar and store in the refrigerator.  This size makes 2 of my picutre’s jar.

Spicy Brown Bean Sauce

This picture is what I found in local super market.
It says  SPICY but my ingredients don’t have any hot spicy thing.
But Chinese character said this is the same sauce that I am making it.


Ma Po (Mabo) Tofu Recipe

This is Ma Po (Mabo) Tofu recipe the Japanese version. It is Chinese food but it is popular in Japan. However, I don’t see it in making Chinese restaurants in the U.S. If I ask them, they may or may not cook it for me but I don’t know why restaurants don’t usually have it. There are many different Ma Po Tofu recipes, like spicy ones or sweet miso taste ones, etc. It is good with white rice. I usually put on rice to serve it.

Ma bo Tofu

Mapo doufu, mapo tofu, or Mabo Tofu is a popular Chinese dish from the Sichuan (Szechuan) province. It is a combination of tofu (bean curd) set in a spicy chili- and bean-based sauce, typically a thin, oily, and bright red suspension, and often topped with minced meat, usually pork or beef. Variations exist with other ingredients such as water chestnuts, onions, other vegetables, or wood ear fungus, but these are rarely considered authentic Sichuanese.

Mabo Doufu can also be found in the restaurants in other Chinese provinces and in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, where the flavor is adapted to local tastes.You can read more at this Wikipedia Mapo tofu page.

Mabo Tofu Ingredients:

Tofu ———————————1 pack
Ground beef or pork ——————-5oz
Oil ————————————1 tbs
ginger ———————————1
Garlic ———————————-1 clove
Potato starch ————————–1 1/2 tbs
Water (for potato starch) ————–2 tbs

#Brown bean paste ———————1tbs
#Sugar ———————————1sbs
#Sake ———————————-1tss
#Soy sauce —————————–1tsp
#Papper ——————————–pinch

Chicken stock ————————-1 cup (If you can buy chinese buillon or chicken buillon, use those with 1 cup with water)
Sake ———————————1 tbs
Soy souce —————————-1 tsp
Salt ———————————–1/3 tsp
Papper ——————————– pinch

Ma bo Tofu Ma bo Tofu brown bean paste Ma bo Tofu

Put oil in a frying pan and heat it with garlic and ginger. Add meat and sautee until it breaks into small pieces and put 5 of this mark # (in ingredients section) Mabo tofu ingredients and saute it. Add chicken stock with high heat and boil it. Put in Tofu and Sauce ingredients and cook about 3 min.
At the very last, add 2tbs of water and potato starch, mixed together first then put it into the pot and mix together. It will thicken the tofu soup.


Gyudon Japanese beef bowl recipe

This is Gyudon, which is a Japanese beef bowl recipe here. The word Donburi means bowl in Japanese.
 This is a bowl of rice topped with of delicious sweet flavored beef.   When you go to Japan, Yoshinoya is famous for Gyudon chain restaurants and it is like a fast food restaurant in America. It is easy to make it so you should try Japanese Gyudon the beef bowl.

Gyudon (牛丼?), (beef bowl), is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi (fish and seaweed stock), soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine). It also often includes shirataki noodles, and is sometimes topped with a raw egg. A very popular food in Japan, it is commonly served with beni shōga (pickled ginger), shichimi (ground chili pepper), and a side dish of miso soup. Gyū means “cow” or “beef”, and don is short for donburi, the Japanese word for “bowl”.  You can read more at Wikipedia Gyudon page.

Gyu don

Gyudon Ingredients:

Rice cooked ————————————————2 cups
beef thinly sliced ——————————————–14oz
onion ——————————————————-1 small

Grind Ginger ————————————————1tsp
Dashi ——————————————————-10oz
Sake ——————————————————-3oz
Sugar ——————————————————3tbs
Soy sauce ————————————————–5tbs

Cook rice. Cut beef into 2 inch pieces. Cut onion in half lengthwise and slice thinly.
Place all Gyudon sauce ingredients in a skillet. Bring to a boil then add beef and take off the form that rises to the top.
Put in onion and put Otoshi buta on top and cook for about 3 min. Place hot rice in bowl and transfer beef topping onto rice.

Gyu don Gyu don Gyu don Gyu don Gyudon Gyudon Gyudon Gyudon

Gyu don

You can find Yoshinoya the Gyudon chain restaurant in U.S. This is the page. You may find this chain Gyudon restaurant near your home. If so you can try their food. I am not sure Gyudon taste is same as Japanese Yoshinoya.