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Caramel Popcorn Recipe

Low calorie recipe for Caramel popcorn. I make this very often!
If you make your own, you can control your sugar and butter, i recommend you would make this instead buy it. It is cheaper, and less calories. The best thing is it is so Yammy!!

caramel popcorn

You pop the popcorn first.
I put popcorn in the paper bag and put them in the microwave.
heated about 2 min and take it out. I probably put about 1/4 cup of corn in the bag.

Make caramel:
2tbs water and 2tbs sugar together in the pot and high heat cook it until become brownish color (almost thicker than water) Then put butter 2tbs and melt them together. When you mix this, please use wooden spoon or something not plastic!

Put popped popcorn in the caramel pot and mix together.

caramel popcorn

My Japanese 101 Cooking Class at Coastal Cupbord

I had my Japanese 101 cooking class at local gormet kitchen store named Coastal Cupboard.
It was November 2nd started 6:30 pm.

I had a good time but it took too long. I would do more preparation next time.
I was surprised that many people interested in Miso soup recipe. I wonder if I did good or not.

Those are some pictures I took before class started.

Japanese cooking class 101

japanese cooking class 101 kitchen

japanese cooking class 101


Japanese Rice (Hitomebore)

Japanese meatloaf

White whipped shrimp

Miso soup

Japanese vegetable scramble

Orange Cake


Dried Daikon Radish Recipe, Kiriboshi daikon

I have a Kiriboshi Daikon recipe which is dried daikon radish recipe. Kiri mean cut and  Boshi is Hosu, mean dry it.  Cut and dried daikon is called ‘Kiriboshi-daikon'(literally, cut-dried daikon) which is a common method of preserving food in Japan.  Read more about Daikon, go to this Wiki page.

You have to soak dried daikon in the water for a while and cook it with some other vegetables, or you can use it for salad.  I like to cook with other vegetables because all those juice from vegetables and dashi soak into the Kiriboshi daikon and make it delicious harmony.

Kiriboshi daikon

How does Dried Daikon look like?

Kiriboshi daikon

Soak in the water about 10 to 15 min, until daikon soak the water and no hard and dry parts left.

Kiriboshi daikon

Kiriboshi Daikon Ingredients:

Kiriboshi daikon ——————————————————-1 3/4oz

Fish cake or Abura age ————————————————1
Carrots ————————————————————–1/2
Shiitake mushrooms—————————————————3
Sake —————————————————————–1tbs
Sugar —————————————————————-1tbs
Mirin —————————————————————–2tbs
Soy sauce ———————————————————–3tbs
salt ——————————————————————pinch
Dashi —————————————————————-2cups
Oil ——————————————————————-1tbs

Kiriboshi daikon

Cut vegetables like this. Actually cut like almost same size so it is easily pick up by chopsticks.
If you use dried Shiitake mushrooms, you should soak in the water, too. Same as dried daikon, 10 to 15 min.

You will see the fish cake. I buy this and freez it. It is handy to cook with for those dried Japanese ingredients. I buy them and freeze them.

Kiriboshi daikon Kiriboshi daikon Kirioshi daikon

You may use the dried shiitake mushrooms.  That case, soak dried shiitake in the water about 30 min. and cut and use it.  I put picture here for dired mushroom (left).

You cook vegetables first. Put oil in the pan and carrots first, then Kiriboshi daikon. When you cook them put all other ingredients and star fry it. When it cooked, put dashi water and other sauce ingredients.

Kiriboshi daikon

Kiriboshi daikon

don’t forget to put otoshibuta. 

Cook until all the sauce is almost gone.  Be careful, do not burn it!

Kiriboshi daikon