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Daikon and Tuna easy pressure cooking



My mother makes this food often. She uses pressure cooker and it is very easy to make it.  I decided to put this recipe here. She cheats this recipe. It means the recipe is really easy..

Daikon (from Japanese ダイコン (daikon?) (大根), literally “large root”), Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus, also called White Radish, Japanese radish, Oriental radish, Chinese radish and Mooli (from Hindi/Urdu Muulii),[2][3][4] is a mild flavoured, very large, white East Asian radish. Despite being known most commonly by its Japanese name, it did not originate in Japan, but rather in continental Asia. – wikipedia

Daikon —————————— 1
Carrots —————————— 3
Tuna can with oil ——————– 1 can
sake ——————————– 1/2 cup
Soba sauce instant (stock) ———–1/2 cup

Peel and cut Daikon and carrots.  If you have Daikon leaves, you should use it.  Those are good nutritious food. 
Put those ingredients in the pressure cooker and water (2 cups) and cook it.  Heat up and when the cooker is start jiggling, turn off the heat and sit it until pressure is off. 
Open the lid and dump the water out. 
Put whole Canned Tuna. 
Put Soba instant sauce stock and sake. 
Put lid on and heat the cooker until its jiggle and turn off the heat. 
*I know American buy Tuna with water instead of oil.  My mom uses Oil.  I have never use water one. 

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