Curry Bread and Curry Pan

curry pan

I made Curry bread which called Curry pan in Japanese.  Occasionaly, I crave to eat this bread.  It is very popular, so if you go to any Japanese bakary, you can find it easily (cost about $2 U.S. dollar).  If you had Curry and rice with Katsu (in my other page, they have a recipe), you will understand why this bread is so good.  I, personaly, think  sauce is very good with crunchy texture.  And if this is just came from the deep fryer, you would like to eat more than one, I almost garantee it!    When I made Curry, usually it doesn’t last long but sometimes I made too much and eat couple of day’s straight.  Then I feel  tired eating it.  Then, I use those left over curry to make this Bread.  If I am living in Japan, I won’t make this.  However, if you are living somewhere you can not easily buy Japanese bread, you have to make it.  For my opinion, it’s worth trouble making this recipe!

 What is Curry bread?

Curry bread (カレーパン karē pan), also called curry doughnut, is a popular Japanese food. An amount of Japanese curry is wrapped in a piece of dough, and the dough breaded in panko, and deep fried. On occasion it is baked instead of deep fried, but deep frying is the most common method of cooking. Curry bread is usually found in bakeries and convenience stores. If you want to read more, go to this page.

 bread about 12 to 14 of them

Bread flour ————————-400g
Skim milk ————————–8g
Yeast —————————–7g
Sugar —————————–20g
Salt ——————————-7g
Egg ——————————-40g
Butter —————————-20g

Curry —————————–See my other curry page, when you use curry for the curry bread, you should cook low heat and evaporate water, so it is not so supy curry, or mush the potato and make it thicker curry.

Batter —–See my Tonkatsu page how to make deep fry———7oz
Egg —————————2
Milk ————————-1 1/4cip
Panko———————— amount of cover all pork loin meat (I used about 10 sliced sandwitch bread)

bread machine bread machine curry pan curry pan curry pan curry pan curry pan curry bread curry pan curry pan curry bread

curry pan curry pan curry pan curry pan

curry pan

curry pan

Osaka Kitsune Udon

Osaka udon

I just went to Japan and this time I went to Osaka.  I had Kitsune Udon in Osaka and I wanted to let you know about Japanese Udon.  I had to have this Osaka flavor Kitsune Udon in Osaka.

Tokyo has same Kitsune Udon in the Udon restaurant.  You may think what is the different between Tokyo and Osaka.  Well, flavor is different.  When you take Dashi (read my other page how to make Dashi), Tokyo use Katsuo (fish) and Osaka use Konbu (sea weeds).  Also looks are different.  You will see the above picture soup color.  It is clear.  Tokyo udon soup is darker and you may not see the udon in the soup.  If you go to Kyushu, the soup is clearer and taste sweeter.

You may not be able to find Osaka style udon in Tokyo so I had to have Kitsune udon in this trip to Osaka! – mission accomplished.

One more thing, if you read my other Curry Udon page, you may know this restaurant.  I went to there again.  Yes, it was after had my hair cut, again.  I wanted to try new flavor there.  My beautician said spicy curry is good. 

curry udon

So, I tried this time spicy curry udon!  It was good, but I was bit disappointed.  Because, taste was just like Thai red curry sauce.  Yes, udon in the Thai red curry, that I thought. 

spicy curry udon

You have to really careful when you eat this noodle.  Even I ate very carefully, I splash the sauce on my t-shirts.  Curry is known to be very difficult to take off from clothe once you put it on your clothe.  Yes, I did some..  You must to have bib on you.

Curry Udon, Trip to Japan 2011

trip japan 2011

I discovered new Curry Udon restaurant in Japan.  I went to Aoyama to have my hair cut during my visit. And this was the first time I went to this beauty salon. It took me about 5 hrs to finish styling my hair. Anyway, I was very hungry because I didn’t eat anything at all that day! Around 8pm, I asked my beautician where I should go to eat quickly. I didn’t want to McDonald or any Western style fast food place. She said I should go to Senkichi Curry Udon Restaurant on the way to go the subway station. I have never heard of this restaurant’s name before. So I was thinking this is a small mom and pop kind of restaurant. I was wrong. It is a chain Udon restaurant. Wow! Since I left Japan, they are always changing. Just like the salon people said, it is a good tasting restaurant and inexpensive. I think it was 680yen. (About $7 U.S. dollar) Usually, curry udon is a darker colored soup, but this is a creamy looking soup. I was happy that I could eat something new, and didn’t go to McDonalds.

What is Udon?

Udon  is a type of thick wheat-flour noodle popular in Japanese cuisine.

Udon is usually served hot as noodle soup in a mildly flavoured broth, in its simplest form as kake udon, served in kakejiru made of dashi, soy sauce (shōyu), and mirin. It is usually topped with thinly chopped scallions. Other common toppings include tempura, often prawn or kakiage (a type of mixed tempura fritter), or abura age, a type of deep-fried tofu pockets seasoned with sugar, mirin, and soy sauce. A thin slice of kamaboko, a halfmoon-shaped fish cake, is often added. Shichimi can be added to taste. If you read more, go to this page.

trip japan 2011

I don’t think I can order only curry udon itself. Their menu is always set which means with rice. I couldn’t finish the rice. It was too much Carbohydrates for me. This picture is the original Senkichi Curry Udon. There are many more different flavors.

カレーうどん千吉オフィシャルサイト:Curry Udon Senkichi Official Site

trip japan 2011

 You can eat at the counter or the table.

Sushi Taro Instant Chirashi and Inari Sushi

instant inarizushi

I use Sushi Taro and instant inari sushi package and make inarisushi. This is an instant version of making chirashi sushi by Sushi Taro. Chirashizushi is a popular Japanese home recipe and it is different than restaurant chirashizushi. It is very easy to make this sushi using these packages. You can eat chirashizushi itself and you can make inarizushi itself. But this time I used both package together and made great sushi! Yummy!! My friend mom use Hijiki mix with sushi rice and put it in the inarizushi. It’s very easy.  You just need to cook Japanese rice. This is great party finger food, too.

YouTube Preview Image


Chirashizushi (ちらし寿司?, “scattered sushi”) is a bowl of sushi rice topped with a variety of sashimi and garnishes (also refers to barazushi). Edomae chirashizushi (Edo-style scattered sushi) is an uncooked ingredient that is arranged artfully on top of the sushi rice in a bowl. Gomokuzushi (Kansai-style sushi) are cooked or uncooked ingredients mixed in the body of rice in a bowl. There is no set formula for the ingredients and they are either chef’s choice or sometimes specified by the customer. It is commonly eaten because it is filling, fast and easy to make. Chirashizushi often varies regionally. It is eaten annually on Hinamatsuri in March.


Inarizushi (稲荷寿司?) is a pouch of fried tofu filled with usually just sushi rice. It is named after the Shinto god Inari, who is believed to have a fondness for fried tofu. The pouch is normally fashioned as deep-fried tofu (油揚げ, abura age). Regional variations include pouches made of a thin omelette (帛紗寿司, fukusa-zushi or 茶巾寿司, chakin-zushi). It should not be confused with inari maki, which is a roll filled with flavored fried tofu. A very large version, sweeter than normal and often containing bits of carrot, is popular in Hawaii, where it is called “cone sushi”. If you want to read more, check this page.

Sushi taro package
This is the Sushi Taro package, you can find in Asian Grocery Store.

This is Sushi Taro inside package.

Sushi taro package
This is other side of bag, you can read this when you make this Chirashi.

inarizushi no moto
This is Inarizushi no moto package. You may be able to find in Asian grocery store.

inarizushi no moto
This is back side of the package, you can read this instruction.


You don’t need to make this egg crepe. This is optional. I like to put it in so I made this and decided to put the picture here.
It is not very difficult to make this. I mix eggs and put in a hot frying pan (if you have – non stick it would be easier) and quickly move the pan to make the egg spread in a thin layer. When you see the edge of the egg start peeling away from the pan, you flip the egg crepe upside down.

egg crepe egg crepe egg crepe egg crepe egg crepe

egg egg egg egg

Cut egg crepe in half and lay sheets one on top of another. And cut in half again and lay sheets one on top of another, again. Then, you cut them julienne.  Besides the eggs, if you can buy some peas, it would be good to add it to them.  It is good color to add green in the chirashizushi no moto and rice.

rice Sushi taro Sushi taro Sushi taro

Cook rice and put in the Sushi Taro package and egg.  Mix it all together.  You don’t mix rice like you mix dough. You don’t want to smash the individual rice like paste. You will destroy the rice taste and can not make good sushi rice. Mix rice by cutting across it in a slashing motion, and then cool it by fanning.   Read this page.

Sushi taro Sushi taro Sushi taro Sushi taro

Lastly, Inarizushi package. There are 8 inarizushi in a package. You carefuly open, do not tear them. I use spoon to scoop the rice and carefuly put them in the pocket. Then you put NORI (from Sushi Taro pacage) on the top of Inarizushi. It is pretty to look at!

easy instant inarizushi



Futomaki sushi


Futomaki Sushi is popular in Japan.  My mother makes this at New Years day or any celebrate occasion.  Or when she invites  some guests to her house, sometimes she makes this.   When I was a child and have school sports day, my mom makes this so we will have lunch together at the school ground.  It is almost finger food, easy to pick and eat.  It is made by rice and other things together, fill you up.  It is usually colorful and pretty, but most of all, it is very tastey!!

Futomaki (太巻?, “thick, large or fat rolls”) is a large cylindrical piece, with nori on the outside. A typical futomaki is three or four centimeters (1.5 in) in diameter. They are often made with two or three fillings that are chosen for their complementary tastes and colors. During the Setsubun festival, it is traditional in Kansai to eat uncut futomaki in its cylindrical form, where it is particularly called ehou-maki (恵方巻, lit. happy direction rolls). Futomaki is often vegetarian, but may include non-vegetarian toppings such as tiny fish roe and chopped tuna.

You can read more from Wikipedia – futomaki.

You can put any other ingredients than what I introduce here, if you have any good idea.  This is what I choose this time.

Ingredients:  About 4 rolls

Shiitake ———————————————————-15 pieces
Carrots ———————————————————–1
Avocado ———————————————————1
Egg omelettes —————————————————–1 (3 eggs I used)
Tuna can ———————————————————1 can
Mayonnaise ——————————————————-3TBS
Sushi Rice (see this page)————————————–3 cupsof uncooked rice

How to make shiitake:

dried shiitake how to cook dried shiitake how to cook shiitake cut dried shiitake

dashi cooking dried shiitake cooked shitake

You will leave dried shiitake in the water until it soften.  When it become soft, cut like this picture.

Put Dashi in the pot and sugar, soy sauce, mirin, sake, and salt and shiitake.  Put high heat until it boils  and turn the heat to low.  Cook it until the dashi is gone like picture above.

carrots carrots carrots in the vineger avocado

Julian carrots or I recommend to use this Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer
.  I use this company and it is very handy for Japanese cooking.  You can slice vegetables by this very thin.  I will recommend this if you are looking for to buy one for your Japanese cooking.  This make Sashimi Tsuma (Daikon) very easy!  Of course you can use this for salad.

After you julian carrots, put in the bowl with 1TBS vinegar and 1TSP sugar together.  If you have put sesame seeds.  leave it about 10 min and mix well.  Then dump the vinegar and squeeze the carrots so that there is no remaining vinegar.  You don’t use watery carrots.

When you make tuna and mayonnaise, dump the can tuna water well.  Then mix with mayonaise.  If it is too watery, when you make sushi roll, too much water and whole sushi will be watery.  It make easily break Nori.

Make Egg omelettes from this page and cut long and skinny way (picture below).

This time, I use those ingredients below to my Futomaki.

futomaki ingredients

how to make sushi how to make sushi how to make sushi

This is how to roll sushi.   Put rice ball on the Nori (sea weeds) and spread on the Nori. Front of you and other side of the nori, you should leave the space (not spread rice) about 1/3 inch. When you spread rice, DO NOT tighten the rice. You need spread rice softely with air. Do not pack the rice on Nori.

YouTube Preview Image

⬆️ click here ⬆️ You can see the youtube video.

The middle picture I spread the ingredients so you can see I put them all.
However, when you are ready to roll (Picture on the right), I put all ingredients make a mount (pile up) so I can roll easily.

You need to buy this Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Sushi Mat with Paddle , it is called sunoco.

how to make sushi how to roll sushi how to roll sushi how to roll sushi

1)  You roll from your side.  Left picture, where my index finger is the end of the Nori which is the edge of the sushi.  I am wrapping all ingredients in my palm.  The edge of the sushi is almost end of the ingredients line.  Roll into the ingredients.

2)  You move Sunoko so as roll the sushi the end of the other side.

3)  Make whole thing roll and put a little bit  pressure to make it round.  Do not push too hard.

4)  Finish rolling

Tip for cutting the sushi:
Wet and clean your knife each time when you cut the roll sushi.  Use very sharp knife – see my knife section.  Do not cut slowly.  If you cut slowly, you break nori and sushi will be break open.  Cut quickly, that is why you really need a sharp good knife.

Tip for Nori:
There are different kind of Nori.  Sushi Hane or Sushi Nori is good for sushi.  Usually those are cheap kind compare of other kind of Japanese Nori.  It is thicker than expensive Nori.  I don’t know why less is more (expensive) but thin Nori texture is more easy to eat (it means Nori is not stay in your mouth.  thin nori is disolved quickly, easy to swallow.  more crunchy than thicker Nori)  I think the texture of nori makes price different.

Because wrapping the rice and other ingredients, thicker nori is stronger.  For the beginner, it is easy to handle them.

I usually serve this way, sometimes make a pyramid.  Use soy sauce and wasabi a side and put them before eat it.  However,  Futomaki has usually already taste to it so you don’t need to put soy sauce.  You can enjoy sweetness of shiitake.  Sweet Japanese teriyaki like taste and mayonnaise is very good harmony together.  You can enjoy this great Futomaki taste!

futomaki sushi



Ma Po (Mabo) Tofu Recipe

This is Ma Po (Mabo) Tofu recipe the Japanese version. It is Chinese food but it is popular in Japan. However, I don’t see it in making Chinese restaurants in the U.S. If I ask them, they may or may not cook it for me but I don’t know why restaurants don’t usually have it. There are many different Ma Po Tofu recipes, like spicy ones or sweet miso taste ones, etc. It is good with white rice. I usually put on rice to serve it.

Ma bo Tofu

Mapo doufu, mapo tofu, or Mabo Tofu is a popular Chinese dish from the Sichuan (Szechuan) province. It is a combination of tofu (bean curd) set in a spicy chili- and bean-based sauce, typically a thin, oily, and bright red suspension, and often topped with minced meat, usually pork or beef. Variations exist with other ingredients such as water chestnuts, onions, other vegetables, or wood ear fungus, but these are rarely considered authentic Sichuanese.

Mabo Doufu can also be found in the restaurants in other Chinese provinces and in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, where the flavor is adapted to local tastes.You can read more at this Wikipedia Mapo tofu page.

Mabo Tofu Ingredients:

Tofu ———————————1 pack
Ground beef or pork ——————-5oz
Oil ————————————1 tbs
ginger ———————————1
Garlic ———————————-1 clove
Potato starch ————————–1 1/2 tbs
Water (for potato starch) ————–2 tbs

#Brown bean paste ———————1tbs
#Sugar ———————————1sbs
#Sake ———————————-1tss
#Soy sauce —————————–1tsp
#Papper ——————————–pinch

Chicken stock ————————-1 cup (If you can buy chinese buillon or chicken buillon, use those with 1 cup with water)
Sake ———————————1 tbs
Soy souce —————————-1 tsp
Salt ———————————–1/3 tsp
Papper ——————————– pinch

Ma bo Tofu Ma bo Tofu brown bean paste Ma bo Tofu

Put oil in a frying pan and heat it with garlic and ginger. Add meat and sautee until it breaks into small pieces and put 5 of this mark # (in ingredients section) Mabo tofu ingredients and saute it. Add chicken stock with high heat and boil it. Put in Tofu and Sauce ingredients and cook about 3 min.
At the very last, add 2tbs of water and potato starch, mixed together first then put it into the pot and mix together. It will thicken the tofu soup.


Japanese Chicken Curry Rice Recipe

Japanese Curry Japanese Chicken Curry Rice Recipe Japanese Curry Rice is one of the most popular recipe in Japan. Many people like it! Yes, kids to elderly. You can see many restaurants have this meal, and people cook at home, school lunch, Office lunch, even camping! It is very quick easy recipes, you should try!! It is very easy because you just need to buy a package of curry sauce in the cube. The Curry package is look like this..

Golden curry package

You will find this package in the store

YouTube Preview Image

Ingredients: *Meat ——————————————1/3lbs (any kind, sea food is also good)

*Carrots —————————————-2

*Onion ——————————————1

*Potato —————————————–2

*2 or 3 Curry cubes from Curry package

*Garlic ——————————————4 cloves

*Water ——————————————3-4 cups

Cut vegetables like these pictures.  
If you want to have not so spicy curry,  cut onion smaller as possible and sauté good.
cut curry meat like this

cut carrot this way for curry

poteto cut this way for curry

cut onion this way for curry

Curry will be sweeter.   If you like spicy,  don’t cut small.
If you use ground meat,  the curry will be sweeter,  also.   This way,  you can cook this for Kids meal.  
Extra sweet?? Put corn! I cook meat first,  but if you use sea food,  put those last.   I will write here only meat version. After cook meat (I usually do half way done), put onion.   Then put other vegetables.  
When all vegetable are cooked,  add water.  
The amount of water is covering the vegetables and meat.

meat and onion cooking curry

cooking curry vege 

cooking curry in the pot

When water has boiled,  turn to simmer.   Then remove the skim that has formed.   Put curry cubes from the box. How thick the curry should be?   It depends on you but it is almost same as gravy sauce or little bit thicker.   So,  if you think cube is not enough to thicken,  put it more.   I recommend one by one.

cooking curry in the pot

Make sure not to burn the curry. It would be easy to burn if the heat is too high after you put cubes. Be careful! curry finish in the pot

My secret Japanese-Curry ingredient See?   Isn’t it quick easy recipe??? Many people put their own secret ingredients.   Some put soy sauce,  honey,  chocolate,  grind apple,  ginger,  etc. I will tell you my secret; t his is my secret Japanese Curry recipe.   I put in ground garlic the last,  before turn off the heat. About 3 to 5 min cook with garlic before you turn off the heat.   I like to put a lot,  it makes a big different!   Try it!! Also, you may see the picture;  I use carrots that are the baby carrots from bag.   This way,  I don’t need to cut carrots,  save some time. When you are cooking,  you may need to add some water.   Water level is almost covering all ingredients in the pan. Lastely,  put rice on the plate and curry over it! Ready to eat. By the way,  I think second day is much better taste.    🙂