Izakaya food (Japanese Tapas bar)

This taste was OK, not great.  Kind of disappointment..


Cucumber with Miso
Miso taste was great! It was bit of sweetness. I don’t think they put sugar, though.

cucumber with miso

Sliced Onion with bonito flakes
Sorry I ate first. forgot to take picture before eat.

sliced onion with bonito flakes

Eat with Mayonaise


Cream cheese with miso taste
This was my first time to order and ate this. It was actually good. I thinki I will make this one soon.

cream cheese

I can not eat this in SC. It is different than any American Japanese restaurant yakitori (around here).
I was craving this! They have Tare and Shio, you can choose and I did tare witch is teriyaki sauce. Shio is salt.