Izakaya (Japanese Tapas Bar) in Osaka


I went to Osaka this summer.  This is the 2nd version of Japanese tapas bar.  Just introduction of Japanese tipical tapas bar food.

kara age

Karaage (唐揚げ or 空揚げ or から揚げ?) is Japanese cooking technique in which various foods — most often meat, and specifically chicken — are deep fried in oil. Small pieces of the food are marinated in a mix of soy sauce, garlic, and/or ginger, then lightly coated with a seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix, and fried in a light oil — similar to the preparation of tempura.  Read more from thi page.


This is yellow tail sashimi.
It is very tipical to find sashimi in Izakaya.
The sliced seafood that composes the main ingredient is typically draped over a garnish. The typical garnish is Asian white radish, daikon, shredded into long thin strands, accompanied by one green perilla leaf per slice. Wasabi paste is sometimes mixed directly into soy sauce as a dipping sauce, which is generally not done when eating sushi, however. Purists denounce the practice of mixing wasabi into soy sauce, saying that this dilutes the sharp hot flavor of wasabi. Another more correct way to flavor soy sauce with wasabi is to place the wasabi mound into the soy sauce dish and then pour it in. This allows the wasabi to infuse the soy sauce more subtly. A reputed motivation for serving wasabi with sashimi (and also gari, pickled ginger), besides its flavor, is killing harmful bacteria and parasites that could be present in raw seafood.[1]
If you want to read more, go to this page.


Korokke (croquette コロッケ): breaded and deep-fried patties, containing either mashed potato or white sauce mixed with minced meat, vegetables or seafood. Popular everyday food.


This one is octopus and onion sunomono.
Sunomono (酢の物): vegetables such as cucumber or wakame, or sometimes crab, marinated in rice vinegar.

This time I order those for this restaurant.
Every restaurant different but those are very tipical popular dishes. Usually 400 yen to 600 yen par plate. And friend share the plates so they can eat many variety.

Chicken and Cauliflower Sweet Miso Sauce

Cauliflower and chicken

This is my favorit recipe. It is sweet miso and very good with chicken and cauliflower! This is not original Japanese recipe and not popular but I really like it! So I will share with you.

For 4 people
Chicken ————————————7oz
Marinate souce
Salt —————————————pinch
Soy Sauce ————————————Tsp1
Sake —————————————Tbs1
Egg —————————————-1/3
Potato starch ——————————-1 1/2
Oil ——————————————Tbs 1

Cauliflower ———————————-whole 1
Chinese Onion ——————————1
Ginger————————————–1 (half of inch)
Garlic ————————————–Tsp1
Tenminjyan ———————————Tbs3

Sugar ————————————–Tbs1
Sake —————————————Tbs1
Soy sauce ———————————Tbs2
Papper ————————————pinch
Potato starch with same amount water ———Tbs1
Chicken stock soup ————————–Tbs2

Like many Chinese recipe, you will deepfry chicken and vegetables.

chicken chicken chicken

Cut chicken about half inch and put in the marinate sauce.
Heat up the oil in the deep fryer about 320F and put chicken and take out and drain oil.

Cauliflower Cauliflower Cauliflower

Cut cauliflower about same size as chicken and put in deep fryer and fry them and take out.
Drain oil.

garlic teimenjyan plus Cauliflower and chicken Cauliflower and chicken

Put 1 Tbs oill in the frying panand put ginger, garlic and onion, cook together.
Then put tenminjyan – brown sauce and sautee it.  Add chicken and cauliflower and mix them together.
Lastly, add #Sauce# in the pan.
I usually put high heat to cook this recipe.  Chinese food is good with high heat and gas is the best.
I use electric and try not burn them.



Chikuzen Ni, Chicken and Vegetables

chikuzen ni

Chikuzen Ni, Chiken and Vegetables has many roots vegetables in the one tasety meal.   I make this Japanese Chicken and Vegetables dish often here in U.S.   I can buy Gobo from local Whole Foods store or Asian store, now.  Shiitake, I can find local grocery store easily.  Well,  Konnyaku, rotus roots and bamboo shoots are difficult to find at local store but I can often  find in Asian store.

Chikuzen Ni has many roots vegetables and they have very good fiber and nutritous food.  Those roots vegetables make your body warm when you eat them.  Raw vegetables like you see in regular salad make your body cool.  It is very healthy to eat roots vegetables, especially winter time.

Chikuzen Ni  is very orthodox Japanese taste food, sugar, sake, soy sauce, and mirin taste.  And Chicken, I use thigh is better than breast.  Japanese people eat chicken skin often so I would like to use without skin but I cook this time without skin.  Still little fat and it makes very good flavor for this food.    One of the ingredients you may not know which is Konnyaku.  If you don’t know about Konnyaku, read this page.   It is very healthy food.

You can see this Chicken and Vegetables Japanese  food in 1st of January.  Chikuzen is place name in Japan and that is  this food origin.  Now a days, this is popular Japanese Chicken and Vegetables food.  Usually Chikuzen Ni is not main dish but could be a second dish.  I think this is very unique food that you don’t see those mixed ingredients, even other asian countries.

Chikuzen ni Ingredients:
Chicken thighs, boned ————————14oz
Carrot —————————————1  (5 1/4 oz)
Burdock root (Gobou root) ——————–1 (3 1/2 oz)
Lotus root ———————————–2 inch (3 1/2 oz)
Konnyaku ———————————-  1/2 cake
Bamboo shoots ——————————-3 1/2 oz
Shiitake mushroom —————————5 (I didn’t put it on this picture)
Vegitable oil———————————-2tbs

Dashi ——————————————2 1/2 cups
Sugar —————————————–2tbs
Mirin ——————————————2 tbs
Soy sauce ————————————-5 tbs
Sake ——————————————1 tbs

Cut chicken into bite sized pieces.
Cut carrot, gobou, bamboo shoot and rotus root like picture below.  If you put Shiitake mushroom, cut half and take off the stem.

ogo gobo in the water carotts hasu renkon bamboo shoots
konnyaku konnnyuaku konnyaku

Tear connyaku into bite sized pieces by hand. parboil briefly.  But before you tear connyaku, put salt on konnyaku and rub it.  This way, salt makes water in konnyaku out of itself.   Put oil in the skillet,  and fry connyaku first.  Again, this way, takes off the water inside of  konnyaku.  This way, when you cook konnyaku, dashi and all flavor go into the konnyaku.  Tear the konnyaku by hand is also the effect that flavor easily goes  into the konnyaku than you use knife to cut it.

cooking chicken and konnyaku cooking them all chicken and konnyaku

Heat oil in a skillet, add chicken, carrot, burdock, lotus root, konnyaku and bamboo in order, and stir fry.

Add dashi, sugar, and mirin, sake and cover with a drop-lid.   Bring to a boil, then lower heat. Cook until vegetables are tender, skimming.

Add soy sauce and keep cooking over medium heat until the sauce is almost gone.

chikuzen ni

Chikuzen ni


How to Make Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches


How to make Teriyaki-Chicken-Sandwich, the Japanese sandwiches.

This page has many pictures; you can learn how to make Chicken Teriyaki.


American people think Teriyaki is a Japanese sauce. Because, there are many Teriyaki Sauce in the bottles at the grocery store.
Actually, “Teri Yaki” means “Shiny cooked”. Almost like very thick sauce on the food. For example, you cooked Chicken any flavors in the pot. The liquid dissolved and sauce is getting thicker and thicker, and sticking on the Chicken. It is a state of cooking, not the sauce.
Anyway, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich is popular food. Japanese usually call it “Teriyaki Chicken Burger” Or “Teriyaki Burger”. Even Japanese MacDonald’s or other first food burger shop has it.

The teriyaki sauce is good with mayonnaise! You can also try, regular burger cooks this way, and put vegetables and mayonnaise, it will be good, too!! Try it!

Ingredients: (per one person)

*Chicken ——————–One breast meat
*Sugar ———————-3/4 tsp
*Soy sauce ——————3/4 tsp
*Mirin ————————3/4 tsp
*Sake ———————–3/4 tsp
*Salt and Pepper
*Oil ————————-3/4 tsp

Salt and Pepper on the meat.

Put oil in the pan and cook chicken.

If you use the thicker chicken breast, make sure you cook inside also. I usually cook until outside is a little brown by high heat on both sides. Then, I turn the heat to medium and put lid on to make sure I cook thoroughly.

When chicken is cooked, put sauce (already mixed together) over the chicken. Sugar in the sauce should be dissolved or mixed well.

Do not put lid on and cook with low to mid heat – careful not burn it! It will easily burn because sugar is in the sauce.

The sauce is getting thicker and thicker. You should turn the meat so the sauce is getting onto the meat.

I cut the meat in half. Put mayonnaise on the bun and add all of the other ingredients.


teriyaki chicken sandwich