Chicken and Cauliflower Sweet Miso Sauce

Cauliflower and chicken

This is my favorit recipe. It is sweet miso and very good with chicken and cauliflower! This is not original Japanese recipe and not popular but I really like it! So I will share with you.

For 4 people
Chicken ————————————7oz
Marinate souce
Salt —————————————pinch
Soy Sauce ————————————Tsp1
Sake —————————————Tbs1
Egg —————————————-1/3
Potato starch ——————————-1 1/2
Oil ——————————————Tbs 1

Cauliflower ———————————-whole 1
Chinese Onion ——————————1
Ginger————————————–1 (half of inch)
Garlic ————————————–Tsp1
Tenminjyan ———————————Tbs3

Sugar ————————————–Tbs1
Sake —————————————Tbs1
Soy sauce ———————————Tbs2
Papper ————————————pinch
Potato starch with same amount water ———Tbs1
Chicken stock soup ————————–Tbs2

Like many Chinese recipe, you will deepfry chicken and vegetables.

chicken chicken chicken

Cut chicken about half inch and put in the marinate sauce.
Heat up the oil in the deep fryer about 320F and put chicken and take out and drain oil.

Cauliflower Cauliflower Cauliflower

Cut cauliflower about same size as chicken and put in deep fryer and fry them and take out.
Drain oil.

garlic teimenjyan plus Cauliflower and chicken Cauliflower and chicken

Put 1 Tbs oill in the frying panand put ginger, garlic and onion, cook together.
Then put tenminjyan – brown sauce and sautee it.  Add chicken and cauliflower and mix them together.
Lastly, add #Sauce# in the pan.
I usually put high heat to cook this recipe.  Chinese food is good with high heat and gas is the best.
I use electric and try not burn them.



Spicy Shrimp with Chili Sauce Recipe

spicy shrimp with chili sauce

Japanese name Ebi Chili means spicy shrimp with chili sauce. It is actually Chinese recipe but it is very popular in Japan. I don’t see this food in many Chinese restaurants in U.S. So I decided to put this here.


Shrimp ——————————————————-16 to 20.
Shiitake ——————————————————3
Water chestnuts ———————————————-5
Tomato ——————————————————-1 small
Ginger ——————————————————–1 (same size of garlic 1 clove)
Garlic ———————————————————1 clove
Spicy chili paste ———————————————-4tbs
Chicken soup (stock or buillon) ———————————1 cup
Potato starch ————————————————1 tbs (same amount of water-for thick sauce)
Potato starch ————————————————2 tbs (to put in the shrimp bowl)
Oil ———————————————————–2tbs (plus 1tbs)

Salt and pepper ———————————————–pinch
Sugar ———————————————————1 1/2tbs
Sake ———————————————————-1tbs

Chilil Shrimp Chilil Shrimp Chilil Shrimp Chilil Shrimp Chilil Shrimp Chilil Shrimp

Cut Shrimp head and tail off.  Peel shrimp and cut back and take off the black vain. Put salt and papper on the shrimps. Put shrimp in the bowl and add potato starch and mix it.
Put in low heat oil and deep fry it. When change color, take off quickly.
(You will cook shrimps in the sauce later so do not worry about shrimps being fully cooked now.)

Chilil Shrimp ginger garlic ginger shiitake water chestnuts water chestnuts tomato

Cut vegetables just like pictures.

tomato cooking tomato cooking other vege cooking ebi chili

Put Oil in the pan and heat it up on high heat. Put tomato and cook until like paste. Add other vegetables and saute it. If it is necessary add oil and try not burn it and continue saute it. Add chili paste and saute it. Put chicken buillon 1 cup and mix until simmer and add other sauce ingredients. Add shrimps and cook about 2 min.  Finally, add potato starch with water and make sauce thicker.

Ebi Chili

Ebi Chili shrimp