Simple Best Japanese Meatloaf and Sauce Recipe

Add a new twist to your old favorite meatloaf recipe and try a simple best Japanese Meatloaf and meat loaf sauce. It is soft and juicy, and I guarantee you’ve never had this kind of meatloaf before. Also try the new Japanese meat loaf sauce recipe for your original meat loaf!   This meat loaf doesn’t need an oven.  So you can make this smaller and individually, then you can put into the bento.   Actually, it is a bento favorite.

meat loaf

Ground meat pork and beef 50/50 —————-10 1/2oz
Onion ————————————————–1
Egg —————————————————–1
Milk —————————————————-3/5 cup
Panko ————————————————–2 4/5oz
Garlic ————————————————–1 clove

Soy sauce ————–1tbs
Worcester Sauce ————-1tbs (Like A1 sauce, Bulldog sauce)
Ketchup —————-1tbs
Nutmeg —————–pinch
Salt and pepper ——pinch

making panko panko making seasoning

Finely chop onion, and grind ginger. Sautee onion in a frying pan and saute them and put salt and pepper.
Cool onion down before putting in the meat.
First, in to the bowl, put milk, panko, garlic, egg, and seasoning ingredients and mix well.
Then, put the meat in the bowl and mix very well. Make sure to whip the meat long and hard to tenderize the meat. This is a Japanese tip to tenderize ground meat!

Then put cooled onion into the bowl and mix them together. Make shape into thick patties and cook in the pan.  At this time, if you push the middle of the oval shape meat a little bit and make middle of the patties concave.

meat 50/50 meat mix well sticky meat

You make a oval round shape meat dough and push a little in the middle of the meatloaf dough.  It is make cook quickly in the middle of the meat loaf.  (If you see the top of the page picture of meat, the middle is not brown compare to outside)

Frying pan oil should be hot so meat won’t stick to the pan. Be patient and don’t play with the meat – let it cook the meat or it may break apart. Cook one side first and do not move the meat dough around until it become golden brown color.  Heat the frying pan and oil good, before you put meat.

Flip the meat and put lid about one minute.  Make sure the heat go through the middle of the meat loaf.

Onion small —————————-1/2
Garlic ————————————1 clove
Soy sauce ——————————3tbs
Honey ———————————-1/2tsp
Rice vinegar —————————-2tbs
Sake ————————————-2tbs
Mirin ———————————–1tsp
Sesame oil —————————–1/3tsp

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend it. Do not make it totally liquid. Leave some chunks in the sauce. Put all in a separate pot and cook (not boil) about 10 minute in order to store extra sauce. This helps make this sauce store longer for other recipe or next meat loaf dinner. You will put this sauce on the meat before eating them.



Tarako Spaghetti Pasta Recipe | Tarako Cod Fish Eggs

tarako spagetti

Tarako Spaghetti is a pasta recipe made with Cod fish eggs.  It is Creamy and Spicy!
You can also use Mentaiko which is tarako with hot sauce (like kimchi). The cooking method is same but it is more spicy spaghetti.
I made this time only to serve one person.
Tarako is served in a number of ways: Plain (usually for breakfast),As a filling for onigiri,As a pasta sauce (usually with nori).

Tarako (cod egg) ————————————- one sack
Heavy whipping cream ——————————–2/3 cup
Milk ————————————————–2/3 cup
Garlic ————————————————1 clove
Salt and Papper ————————————– Pinch
Parmazan Cheese ————————————-2/3 cup
Butter ————————————————1 tsp
Soba soup ——————————————-2tbs

Cut Tarako and scrape the eggs from sack.
Extra virgin Olive Oil and crushed garlic in the pan and heat up. Do not burn it, this way oil will have garlic
flavor. Also be careful when you put tarako in the frying pan. Immidiately they it satrts popping and oil may spread. Ready for lid so if it started like that put lid on.

Put Tarako in the pan (be careful, tarako start popping) and Heavy whipping cream, milk, salt papper, parmesan cheese, butter and souba soup in the pan and heat up until cheese melt in to the souce.

oil and garlilc

Put cooked spagetti noodle in the souce and mix it.
When you cook spaghetti, do not over cook. You should cook almost done. If you bite the noodle, you can feel the core and see the core inside.

tarako cremy souce

Put noodle in the sauce and cook together. If it is too thick put a little bit of water from cooked noodle pot.

tarako spagetti

Put more salt if you need it.
Put Shiso (Japanese basil) or Nori (sea weed) or italian basil on top.

tarako spagetti