Curry Bread and Curry Pan

curry pan

I made Curry bread which called Curry pan in Japanese.  Occasionaly, I crave to eat this bread.  It is very popular, so if you go to any Japanese bakary, you can find it easily (cost about $2 U.S. dollar).  If you had Curry and rice with Katsu (in my other page, they have a recipe), you will understand why this bread is so good.  I, personaly, think  sauce is very good with crunchy texture.  And if this is just came from the deep fryer, you would like to eat more than one, I almost garantee it!    When I made Curry, usually it doesn’t last long but sometimes I made too much and eat couple of day’s straight.  Then I feel  tired eating it.  Then, I use those left over curry to make this Bread.  If I am living in Japan, I won’t make this.  However, if you are living somewhere you can not easily buy Japanese bread, you have to make it.  For my opinion, it’s worth trouble making this recipe!

 What is Curry bread?

Curry bread (カレーパン karē pan), also called curry doughnut, is a popular Japanese food. An amount of Japanese curry is wrapped in a piece of dough, and the dough breaded in panko, and deep fried. On occasion it is baked instead of deep fried, but deep frying is the most common method of cooking. Curry bread is usually found in bakeries and convenience stores. If you want to read more, go to this page.

 bread about 12 to 14 of them

Bread flour ————————-400g
Skim milk ————————–8g
Yeast —————————–7g
Sugar —————————–20g
Salt ——————————-7g
Egg ——————————-40g
Butter —————————-20g

Curry —————————–See my other curry page, when you use curry for the curry bread, you should cook low heat and evaporate water, so it is not so supy curry, or mush the potato and make it thicker curry.

Batter —–See my Tonkatsu page how to make deep fry———7oz
Egg —————————2
Milk ————————-1 1/4cip
Panko———————— amount of cover all pork loin meat (I used about 10 sliced sandwitch bread)

bread machine bread machine curry pan curry pan curry pan curry pan curry pan curry bread curry pan curry pan curry bread

curry pan curry pan curry pan curry pan

curry pan

curry pan

Japanese Chicken Curry Rice Recipe

Japanese Curry Japanese Chicken Curry Rice Recipe Japanese Curry Rice is one of the most popular recipe in Japan. Many people like it! Yes, kids to elderly. You can see many restaurants have this meal, and people cook at home, school lunch, Office lunch, even camping! It is very quick easy recipes, you should try!! It is very easy because you just need to buy a package of curry sauce in the cube. The Curry package is look like this..

Golden curry package

You will find this package in the store

YouTube Preview Image

Ingredients: *Meat ——————————————1/3lbs (any kind, sea food is also good)

*Carrots —————————————-2

*Onion ——————————————1

*Potato —————————————–2

*2 or 3 Curry cubes from Curry package

*Garlic ——————————————4 cloves

*Water ——————————————3-4 cups

Cut vegetables like these pictures.  
If you want to have not so spicy curry,  cut onion smaller as possible and sauté good.
cut curry meat like this

cut carrot this way for curry

poteto cut this way for curry

cut onion this way for curry

Curry will be sweeter.   If you like spicy,  don’t cut small.
If you use ground meat,  the curry will be sweeter,  also.   This way,  you can cook this for Kids meal.  
Extra sweet?? Put corn! I cook meat first,  but if you use sea food,  put those last.   I will write here only meat version. After cook meat (I usually do half way done), put onion.   Then put other vegetables.  
When all vegetable are cooked,  add water.  
The amount of water is covering the vegetables and meat.

meat and onion cooking curry

cooking curry vege 

cooking curry in the pot

When water has boiled,  turn to simmer.   Then remove the skim that has formed.   Put curry cubes from the box. How thick the curry should be?   It depends on you but it is almost same as gravy sauce or little bit thicker.   So,  if you think cube is not enough to thicken,  put it more.   I recommend one by one.

cooking curry in the pot

Make sure not to burn the curry. It would be easy to burn if the heat is too high after you put cubes. Be careful! curry finish in the pot

My secret Japanese-Curry ingredient See?   Isn’t it quick easy recipe??? Many people put their own secret ingredients.   Some put soy sauce,  honey,  chocolate,  grind apple,  ginger,  etc. I will tell you my secret; t his is my secret Japanese Curry recipe.   I put in ground garlic the last,  before turn off the heat. About 3 to 5 min cook with garlic before you turn off the heat.   I like to put a lot,  it makes a big different!   Try it!! Also, you may see the picture;  I use carrots that are the baby carrots from bag.   This way,  I don’t need to cut carrots,  save some time. When you are cooking,  you may need to add some water.   Water level is almost covering all ingredients in the pan. Lastely,  put rice on the plate and curry over it! Ready to eat. By the way,  I think second day is much better taste.    🙂