Izakaya food (Japanese Tapas bar)

This taste was OK, not great.  Kind of disappointment..


Cucumber with Miso
Miso taste was great! It was bit of sweetness. I don’t think they put sugar, though.

cucumber with miso

Sliced Onion with bonito flakes
Sorry I ate first. forgot to take picture before eat.

sliced onion with bonito flakes

Eat with Mayonaise


Cream cheese with miso taste
This was my first time to order and ate this. It was actually good. I thinki I will make this one soon.

cream cheese

I can not eat this in SC. It is different than any American Japanese restaurant yakitori (around here).
I was craving this! They have Tare and Shio, you can choose and I did tare witch is teriyaki sauce. Shio is salt.


Mackerel with Miso sauce Japanese Recipe

One authentic original popular Japanese food and recipe is Mackerel with miso sauce. It is a sweet miso paste like sauce on this fish. This fish is rich in Omega-3’s and is very beneficial to health. King mackerel is popular fish in Japan.

Saba no miso ni

ginger cooking Otoshibuta Mackerel cooking

Mackerel ———————————2
Ginger ————————————1
Dashi ————————————1.5cup
Sake ————————————1/2 cup
Sugar ———————————-2oz
Soy sauce ——————————-2tbs
Miso ————————————2/3oz
Tahini (option) —————————1tbs

Put fish in the bowl and put boiled water and drain.
Put in pan Dashi, sake, sugar, and soy sauce and bring to boil.
Add fish and thin sliced ginger.  Ginger is necessary item.  Ginger help take off the mackerel fishy taste and smell. You must have the ginger for this recipe. 

Also, try not to have fish lying on top of eachother as much as possible.  Turn to mid heat and cook with Otoshi buta (drop-lid)  about 10 minutes.
Put some pan liquid in a small bowl and mix in miso paste and put back into the pot.
If you have Tahini, put 1tbs for extra flavor.

Tip: If you want to use a frying pan
You may be able to use a shallow frying pan for this cooking.   If you use a frying pan, use parchment paper to cover the fish instead of putting on the Otoshi buta (drop-lid).  Then put a regular frying pan lid on it. Cook 10 minutes.


Japanese Miso Soup Recipe and ingredients ideas

Recipe of Japanese miso soup is very easy and I put miso soup ingredients ideas in this page .You can put basically anything in Japanese miso soup. Ingredients ideas of Tofu and wakame are very standard one. And I give more ingredients ideas here because you only see wakame and tofu miso soup in U.S. restaurants but not other vegetables in the soup.
YouTube Preview Image

Japanese miso soup (味噌汁, misoshiru) is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called “dashi” into which is mixed softened miso paste. Although the suspension of miso paste into dashi is the only characteristic that actually defines miso soup, many other ingredients are added depending on regional and seasonal recipes, and personal preference. You can read more at Wikipedia Japanese miso soup page.

wakame, daikon and yamaimo misosoup

Miso soup (Onion and wakame)

If you are woman, you should know how Miso is good for your body and especially.
You will make Dashi first. Dashi making can be made in a couple of different ways.
This page, I use Niboshi. I also write about Katsuo bushi dashi. You can also make Konbu dashi.



Japanese Miso Soup Ingredients:

How to make dashi by Niboshi.
Water ———————————–3 cups
Niboshi ———————————-6 (take off head)

I used niboshi this size for 6. If you have smaller one, please put more than 6.

Put Niboshi in the water and simply boil it.
You will see the golden color water and it will be done.
I usually cook it about 10 min.

YouTube Preview Image

Also check my How to make dashi page to learn how to make dashi.
You can use those katsuobushi dashi instead Niboshi dashi.

When you make dashi, put in vegetables and cook it.  When vegetables are cooked turn the heat off and put miso in the pot.

Japanese Miso Soup Idea Ingredients:

Tofu and Wakame = very popular
Nang nege (long chinese onion) and Age (fried tofu)
Kabocha squosh and Age
Onion and wakame
Cabbage and Age
Bean spraut and Age
Daikon and Wakame or Age

misosoup wakame daikon yamaimo Daikon, wakame, yamaimo

miso soup cabbage,carrots,onion cabbage, carrots, onion

Well, there are just some ideas of Japanese miso soup, but basically you can put in any vegetables.
You can be creative.
However, I have never seen celery in miso soup. It is not a standard Japanese taste.
There are many vegetables and tofu, even meat, in the miso soup and it will be called by a different name.
I will put this recipe in later. It is called Buta Jiru (pork soup).


Brown Bean Sauce

What is brown bean sauce or brown bean paste? How can you make this own?

brown bean souce

I make my own. It is not very difficult so if you have a time, make your own.
Of course, you can buy it. It is about 5 dollars  for a jar in the store.
I find regular grocery store at ethnic section.

Brown souce

Real one use Haccho miso.
It is difficult to find Haccho miso in my town so I use regular miso.
Haccho miso is storonger taste than miso compare to regular miso. Usually red color.

Miso ————————————- 1 pound
Sugar ———————————— 1 pound
Soy souce ——————————– 2 cups
Salad oil ———————————-1/4 cup
Sesami oil ——————————— 1 1/2 tbs

Put Miso, sugar, soy sauce in the pot and mix well. Cook it 40 to 50 min on low heat. (do not burn it!)
Add salad oil in cooked miso and additional 10 min to cook it. Turn off the heat and add sesame oil and mix well.
Put in the jar and store in the refrigerator.  This size makes 2 of my picutre’s jar.

Spicy Brown Bean Sauce

This picture is what I found in local super market.
It says  SPICY but my ingredients don’t have any hot spicy thing.
But Chinese character said this is the same sauce that I am making it.