Futomaki sushi


Futomaki Sushi is popular in Japan.  My mother makes this at New Years day or any celebrate occasion.  Or when she invites  some guests to her house, sometimes she makes this.   When I was a child and have school sports day, my mom makes this so we will have lunch together at the school ground.  It is almost finger food, easy to pick and eat.  It is made by rice and other things together, fill you up.  It is usually colorful and pretty, but most of all, it is very tastey!!

Futomaki (太巻?, “thick, large or fat rolls”) is a large cylindrical piece, with nori on the outside. A typical futomaki is three or four centimeters (1.5 in) in diameter. They are often made with two or three fillings that are chosen for their complementary tastes and colors. During the Setsubun festival, it is traditional in Kansai to eat uncut futomaki in its cylindrical form, where it is particularly called ehou-maki (恵方巻, lit. happy direction rolls). Futomaki is often vegetarian, but may include non-vegetarian toppings such as tiny fish roe and chopped tuna.

You can read more from Wikipedia – futomaki.

You can put any other ingredients than what I introduce here, if you have any good idea.  This is what I choose this time.

Ingredients:  About 4 rolls

Shiitake ———————————————————-15 pieces
Carrots ———————————————————–1
Avocado ———————————————————1
Egg omelettes —————————————————–1 (3 eggs I used)
Tuna can ———————————————————1 can
Mayonnaise ——————————————————-3TBS
Sushi Rice (see this page)————————————–3 cupsof uncooked rice

How to make shiitake:

dried shiitake how to cook dried shiitake how to cook shiitake cut dried shiitake

dashi cooking dried shiitake cooked shitake

You will leave dried shiitake in the water until it soften.  When it become soft, cut like this picture.

Put Dashi in the pot and sugar, soy sauce, mirin, sake, and salt and shiitake.  Put high heat until it boils  and turn the heat to low.  Cook it until the dashi is gone like picture above.

carrots carrots carrots in the vineger avocado

Julian carrots or I recommend to use this Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer
.  I use this company and it is very handy for Japanese cooking.  You can slice vegetables by this very thin.  I will recommend this if you are looking for to buy one for your Japanese cooking.  This make Sashimi Tsuma (Daikon) very easy!  Of course you can use this for salad.

After you julian carrots, put in the bowl with 1TBS vinegar and 1TSP sugar together.  If you have put sesame seeds.  leave it about 10 min and mix well.  Then dump the vinegar and squeeze the carrots so that there is no remaining vinegar.  You don’t use watery carrots.

When you make tuna and mayonnaise, dump the can tuna water well.  Then mix with mayonaise.  If it is too watery, when you make sushi roll, too much water and whole sushi will be watery.  It make easily break Nori.

Make Egg omelettes from this page and cut long and skinny way (picture below).

This time, I use those ingredients below to my Futomaki.

futomaki ingredients

how to make sushi how to make sushi how to make sushi

This is how to roll sushi.   Put rice ball on the Nori (sea weeds) and spread on the Nori. Front of you and other side of the nori, you should leave the space (not spread rice) about 1/3 inch. When you spread rice, DO NOT tighten the rice. You need spread rice softely with air. Do not pack the rice on Nori.

YouTube Preview Image

⬆️ click here ⬆️ You can see the youtube video.

The middle picture I spread the ingredients so you can see I put them all.
However, when you are ready to roll (Picture on the right), I put all ingredients make a mount (pile up) so I can roll easily.

You need to buy this Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Sushi Mat with Paddle , it is called sunoco.

how to make sushi how to roll sushi how to roll sushi how to roll sushi

1)  You roll from your side.  Left picture, where my index finger is the end of the Nori which is the edge of the sushi.  I am wrapping all ingredients in my palm.  The edge of the sushi is almost end of the ingredients line.  Roll into the ingredients.

2)  You move Sunoko so as roll the sushi the end of the other side.

3)  Make whole thing roll and put a little bit  pressure to make it round.  Do not push too hard.

4)  Finish rolling

Tip for cutting the sushi:
Wet and clean your knife each time when you cut the roll sushi.  Use very sharp knife – see my knife section.  Do not cut slowly.  If you cut slowly, you break nori and sushi will be break open.  Cut quickly, that is why you really need a sharp good knife.

Tip for Nori:
There are different kind of Nori.  Sushi Hane or Sushi Nori is good for sushi.  Usually those are cheap kind compare of other kind of Japanese Nori.  It is thicker than expensive Nori.  I don’t know why less is more (expensive) but thin Nori texture is more easy to eat (it means Nori is not stay in your mouth.  thin nori is disolved quickly, easy to swallow.  more crunchy than thicker Nori)  I think the texture of nori makes price different.

Because wrapping the rice and other ingredients, thicker nori is stronger.  For the beginner, it is easy to handle them.

I usually serve this way, sometimes make a pyramid.  Use soy sauce and wasabi a side and put them before eat it.  However,  Futomaki has usually already taste to it so you don’t need to put soy sauce.  You can enjoy sweetness of shiitake.  Sweet Japanese teriyaki like taste and mayonnaise is very good harmony together.  You can enjoy this great Futomaki taste!

futomaki sushi



Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe (Japanese pancake/pizza)

As you like it, you can create the Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake or pizza. The OKONOMI means `As you like it`. So basically you can put anything you want into one pan-cake.

Okonomi Yaki

I used Okonomi-yaki no kona (Flour for Okonomi-yaki) but you can make it without this kona.
You can use regular flour, but I recommend to add the Yamaimo (mountain yam) potato. Yamaimo potato is a slimy potato and you may need to go in Asian grocery store to buy it. If you can not find it, use a regular potato. Potato gives you fluffiness and a not so floury after taste when you eat this pancake.  If you use regular flour, you should use Dashi instead of water.  Also put 1 tsp baking powder. 

okonomi yaki flour Sakura Ebi dried shrimp Otafuku sauce Okonomiyaki sauce Beni shoga  ginger pickles Aonori Mandoline Cabbege

Picture above:  (From top left) Okonomi yaki flour, small shrimp, Otafuku Okonomi yaki sauce,  pickled ginger (Beni shoga), sea weed (Ao nori), mandoline and shredded cabbage by mandoline.

Cabbage ———————————————————7oz
*Pickled ginger ————————————————–2tbs (Option but I recommend it!)

Flour ————————————————————5 1/4oz
Water ———————————————————–5 oz
Yamaimo (mountain yam) potato (or regular potato) grainded —————-2 4/5 oz
Egg —————————————————————4
Salt —————————————————————1/2tb
*Koebi (Dried small shrimps) ———————————2tbs
*Age dama (tempura crumb) ———————————–5tbs

Topping :
Okonomi yaki sauce
Dried bonito powder
Ao nori (sea weed)
* those are option

If you go to an Okonomi-yaki restaurant in Japan, you may choose ingredients from a set lis of ingredients.
I usually like to put cheese and Mochi in mine.
Also, pickled ginger and Koebi, which I put those for options. But if you want put your Japanese pancake/pizza to taste like real Okonomi yaki restaurant’s, so I’d put them in there.

 Okonomiyaki Ingredients

This is what I put in to my Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe this time.
You make the batter first and put in the other ingredients. I put Age dama in last.
I belive Age dama is for crunchiness and if you put this in first, Age dama absorbs out the liquid and it won’t be crunchy.

This is how to make Age dama


Mix together Tempra Ko (Tempra flour) and water then deep fry it.  Drop very small amount into the hot oil.
Be careful not splash the oil but if you drop batter in the oil high enough, it makes small drops like the picture above.
When it becomes brown, you take it out of the oil and put it on a paper towel to absorb the extra oil.

 Okonomi Yaki

Lastly, put all ingredients together and mix them.

Okonomi Yaki Egg Okonomi Yaki Okonomi Yaki

Put oil on a frying pan and drop in an egg, and put the mixed okonomi-yaki batter on top.  Cook it until the bottom browns and flip it over.

Do not push or smash the top, just let it be and cook the other side.  I put lid over it for a minute to make sure it cooks inside, especially if you put meat in the batter.  I flip one more time and make sure it is cooked inside.
When it’s done, takeout of the pan and put it onto a plate.
Top the pancake with sauce, mayonaise, Katsuobushi flakes and nori, if you have them.

At least, Be sure to put on the sauce and mayonaise for the best taste!


Visit Her blog to see how she’s cooking this.

I found this Otafuku sauce company page and they have a page how to cut cabbage. I know this is a Japanese web page and you may not read it. However, you can see the picture so you can use their tips.