Okonomiyaki Otafuku Kit (Japanese pizza/pancake)

otafuku okonomiyaki kit

This time, I used Otafuku Okonomiyaki kit. I have made it from scratch on the other page.
For this one, you need water, cabbage, eggs, okonomiyaki sauce and meat. It is easy.
And I thought it would be a small one, but one package makes 2 big okonomiyaki.
So you can make a total of 4 large okonomiyaki.



okonomiyaki kit

This time I used mochi and shrimp. I cut them small. I would put cheese and shoga, if I had them.  The yellow package is Tenkasu – tempura clum.  The orange package is Okonomiyaki mix flour.  One package contains enough for two people.  The left one is Nori – Seaweed and Yamaimo flour is in the pink bag.  Put Yamaimo flour in the bowl with flour.

Ingredients:You need to buy those package above
Thin sliced meat or bacon

okonomiyaki okonomiyaki mochi shrimp

Put Okonomiyaki flour and Yamaimo flour in the bowl.
Add water and eggs and mix it. The white square stuff is Mochi which I cut into small cubes. Another white one is shrimp

okonomiyaki okonomiyaki okonomiyaki & agedama okonomiyaki cooking okonomiyaki cooking cover

The red stuff is dried red shrimp. I like this flavor, and it is common to put it in Okonomiyaki. You may not find this, and you may think this is fishy. You don’t need to add this – this is optional. Add all other ingredients and mix. At this time, you want to mix with air – mixing and fluffing it. This way, you will make a soft textured Okonomiyaki.

Put oil in the heated pan and put Okonomiyaki dough and make a round shape. Medium heat and add pork slices or bacon slices and put a lid on. Make sure the inside cooks. Flip to the other side and cook on the other side.

When finish cooking Okonomiyaki, put it on the plate and decorate with mayonnaise, Okonomiyaki sauce, Katsuobushi, and Aonori on top of Okonomiyaki.

You have to buy Okonomiyaki sauce to eat this recipe. You may want to buy Katsuobushi, but this is optional.



Izakaya food (Japanese Tapas bar)

This taste was OK, not great.  Kind of disappointment..


Cucumber with Miso
Miso taste was great! It was bit of sweetness. I don’t think they put sugar, though.

cucumber with miso

Sliced Onion with bonito flakes
Sorry I ate first. forgot to take picture before eat.

sliced onion with bonito flakes

Eat with Mayonaise


Cream cheese with miso taste
This was my first time to order and ate this. It was actually good. I thinki I will make this one soon.

cream cheese

I can not eat this in SC. It is different than any American Japanese restaurant yakitori (around here).
I was craving this! They have Tare and Shio, you can choose and I did tare witch is teriyaki sauce. Shio is salt.


Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe (Japanese pancake/pizza)

As you like it, you can create the Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake or pizza. The OKONOMI means `As you like it`. So basically you can put anything you want into one pan-cake.

Okonomi Yaki

I used Okonomi-yaki no kona (Flour for Okonomi-yaki) but you can make it without this kona.
You can use regular flour, but I recommend to add the Yamaimo (mountain yam) potato. Yamaimo potato is a slimy potato and you may need to go in Asian grocery store to buy it. If you can not find it, use a regular potato. Potato gives you fluffiness and a not so floury after taste when you eat this pancake.  If you use regular flour, you should use Dashi instead of water.  Also put 1 tsp baking powder. 

okonomi yaki flour Sakura Ebi dried shrimp Otafuku sauce Okonomiyaki sauce Beni shoga  ginger pickles Aonori Mandoline Cabbege

Picture above:  (From top left) Okonomi yaki flour, small shrimp, Otafuku Okonomi yaki sauce,  pickled ginger (Beni shoga), sea weed (Ao nori), mandoline and shredded cabbage by mandoline.

Cabbage ———————————————————7oz
*Pickled ginger ————————————————–2tbs (Option but I recommend it!)

Flour ————————————————————5 1/4oz
Water ———————————————————–5 oz
Yamaimo (mountain yam) potato (or regular potato) grainded —————-2 4/5 oz
Egg —————————————————————4
Salt —————————————————————1/2tb
*Koebi (Dried small shrimps) ———————————2tbs
*Age dama (tempura crumb) ———————————–5tbs

Topping :
Okonomi yaki sauce
Dried bonito powder
Ao nori (sea weed)
* those are option

If you go to an Okonomi-yaki restaurant in Japan, you may choose ingredients from a set lis of ingredients.
I usually like to put cheese and Mochi in mine.
Also, pickled ginger and Koebi, which I put those for options. But if you want put your Japanese pancake/pizza to taste like real Okonomi yaki restaurant’s, so I’d put them in there.

 Okonomiyaki Ingredients

This is what I put in to my Japanese Okonomiyaki recipe this time.
You make the batter first and put in the other ingredients. I put Age dama in last.
I belive Age dama is for crunchiness and if you put this in first, Age dama absorbs out the liquid and it won’t be crunchy.

This is how to make Age dama


Mix together Tempra Ko (Tempra flour) and water then deep fry it.  Drop very small amount into the hot oil.
Be careful not splash the oil but if you drop batter in the oil high enough, it makes small drops like the picture above.
When it becomes brown, you take it out of the oil and put it on a paper towel to absorb the extra oil.

 Okonomi Yaki

Lastly, put all ingredients together and mix them.

Okonomi Yaki Egg Okonomi Yaki Okonomi Yaki

Put oil on a frying pan and drop in an egg, and put the mixed okonomi-yaki batter on top.  Cook it until the bottom browns and flip it over.

Do not push or smash the top, just let it be and cook the other side.  I put lid over it for a minute to make sure it cooks inside, especially if you put meat in the batter.  I flip one more time and make sure it is cooked inside.
When it’s done, takeout of the pan and put it onto a plate.
Top the pancake with sauce, mayonaise, Katsuobushi flakes and nori, if you have them.

At least, Be sure to put on the sauce and mayonaise for the best taste!


Visit Her blog to see how she’s cooking this.

I found this Otafuku sauce company page and they have a page how to cut cabbage. I know this is a Japanese web page and you may not read it. However, you can see the picture so you can use their tips.