How to make Chinese dumpling and sauce recipe

Sui Gyo-za Dumpling - water cooking

How to make Chinese dumpling and dumpling sauce recipe. This is hot and sweet miso base sauce recipe.
In Japan Yaki (pan fried) gyoza (dumpling) is more popular but I like this one very much.
The sauce is the key for this recipe. Also, this is easy because it cook in the water so for the cooking beginners, it is much easier than pan fried.
Plus, it is easy folding dumpling. Pan frying dumpling need some technique.


Gyoza skin ————————————-1 pack
Pork ——————————————-2  4/5 oz
Salt and papper ——————————–pinch
Sake ——————————————1tsp
Sesame oil ————————————-1tsp
Soy souce ————————————-1tsp
water —————————————–1tbs
Potato starch ———————————-2tsp
Chinese cabbage or cabbage (option) ————about same amount as meat
Dried Shiitake mashroom (option) —————3 to 5 pieces

Spicy Brown Bean Sauce (Tei mien jan)————-2tbs
Tahini —————————————–3tbs
Soy souce ————————————-2tbs
Hot sesame oil ———————————-1tbs
Rice viniger ————————————1tsp
Grind garlic ———————————-1tsp
Sesame oil ————————————-1tsp

There are two different ways to cook dumpling.  One is to cook in boiled waterl, like ravioloi and the other way is, more popular in Japan, cook in the pan.

This is water cooking version of Gyouza, called Sui-Gyoza.   I make this and many people like it very much.

chinese cabbage cookingSoak in the water Hoshi shiitake mashroomschinese cabbabe water drain - gyoza

First, you will cut Chinese cabbage or regular cabbage and cook in the boiled water (I used this time Chinese cabbage). Drain the water, and squeeze by hand and take off the water (you see the picture below the ball of cabbage next to the meat in the bowl).   Do not take too much water off.   Soak dried shiitake mashrooms in the water until it softens.   Cut the shiitake mashurooms julian style.

mixing dumpling ingredients

Put all ingredients in the bowl and put salt, pepper, sake, sesame oil, soy souce and mix together.
You see the picture, you have to mix very well. You can not only mix and separate the ingredients, you really mix everything together( you see the picture, I did almost whip the ingredients).   This is the point.   If you mix meat that way, the meat will have more taste to it.  Chinese cabbage has many glutamic acid, if you mix it with meat well, the meat taste much better!

start mixing dampling ingredients mixing dumpling very well!!

Make the sauce, now.

dumpling souce
Tahini or Zumajyan (sesame paste – Chinese name) or Neri goma (sesame paste – Japanese name)

dampling souce
Mixed all together

wrap the meat,

rapping dumpling wraping dampling

This time, my wrap skin was too dry so I use fork to press the edge. If it is too weak, it will open when you boiling this in the water.

Boil the water in the pot and slowly add dumplings into the water.  When they are done cooking, they will start floating on the top of water.  After removing the dumplings, put them in the sauce bowl soon and mix all together.

sui gyoza finish