Very Easy Italian Puttanesca Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

putta nesca

This is a VERY easy Italian spaghetti sauce named Puttanesca Spaghetti. Here is the recipe! Plain meat sauce was my favorite for a long time but when I discovered this taste, this one become a #1 pasta to me.

My German friends liked it very much! Even my friend from Italy said he likes it. It was a very nice compliment to me.

OK, OK!! This is not Japanese recipe, but Italian is very popular in Japan. Japan has many Italian restaurants, of course. Many Japanese chef go to Italy and learn real Italianfood. This is my favorit recipe. It is easy and taste so good. So I decided to put here. Maybe somebody eles would appriciate this recipe hiere.

This is easy to cook. Also I do cheat with this meal. So this is extra easy.
What I mean, I use canned spaghetti sauce. I don’t use my own spaghetti sauce from scratch for this page.



Spaghetti pasta
Can or jar spaghetti souce your choice ——————————–half can
Anchovi can ———————————————————1 can
Olives —————————————————————1 can
Olive oil ————————————————————- 3tbs
garlic —————————————————————-1 clove
caiper —————————————————————2tbs
Small red chili ——————————————————–2 peice
Italian parsley (I recommend this if you can get it)———————little

Cook Noodle

Boil water in a large pot with some salt. Put in the noodles and cook until the spaghetti is half-way done – still has a core in the middle of the noodle. This is called al dente. Drain the noodles when done. Do NOT rinse the noodles. Do not cook the noodles too much! You will cook the noodles in the sauce in the pan. You do not want soggy noodles.

Cook Sauce 

Put olive oil in a saucepan with crushed garlic and broken chili peppers. Keep the heat low so the flavor gets into the olive oil. Put in the cut anchovies from the can and cook until it becomes paste-like. Add hand crushed olives, capers and spaghetti sauce.

putta nesca Putta nesca

After sauce is done, put in the spaghetti noodles and mix it together.


Tarako Spaghetti Pasta Recipe | Tarako Cod Fish Eggs

tarako spagetti

Tarako Spaghetti is a pasta recipe made with Cod fish eggs.  It is Creamy and Spicy!
You can also use Mentaiko which is tarako with hot sauce (like kimchi). The cooking method is same but it is more spicy spaghetti.
I made this time only to serve one person.
Tarako is served in a number of ways: Plain (usually for breakfast),As a filling for onigiri,As a pasta sauce (usually with nori).

Tarako (cod egg) ————————————- one sack
Heavy whipping cream ——————————–2/3 cup
Milk ————————————————–2/3 cup
Garlic ————————————————1 clove
Salt and Papper ————————————– Pinch
Parmazan Cheese ————————————-2/3 cup
Butter ————————————————1 tsp
Soba soup ——————————————-2tbs

Cut Tarako and scrape the eggs from sack.
Extra virgin Olive Oil and crushed garlic in the pan and heat up. Do not burn it, this way oil will have garlic
flavor. Also be careful when you put tarako in the frying pan. Immidiately they it satrts popping and oil may spread. Ready for lid so if it started like that put lid on.

Put Tarako in the pan (be careful, tarako start popping) and Heavy whipping cream, milk, salt papper, parmesan cheese, butter and souba soup in the pan and heat up until cheese melt in to the souce.

oil and garlilc

Put cooked spagetti noodle in the souce and mix it.
When you cook spaghetti, do not over cook. You should cook almost done. If you bite the noodle, you can feel the core and see the core inside.

tarako cremy souce

Put noodle in the sauce and cook together. If it is too thick put a little bit of water from cooked noodle pot.

tarako spagetti

Put more salt if you need it.
Put Shiso (Japanese basil) or Nori (sea weed) or italian basil on top.

tarako spagetti