Agedashi Tofu Recipe Easy Deep Fried Tofu

Agedashi tofu recipe which is easy deep fried tofu. You can see this item in Japanese Izakaya (Tapas bar) a lot. It is popular food in Japanese style bar menu. It is one of my favorite food. By the way, this pronounce “Agay dashee Dofu”, not Age (how old you are).

Age dashi dofu

I always use soft tofu for this recipe instead of farm. Because I just like soft (Kinugoshi) one better than farm one. However if you like farm, use them! If you use farm one, try to take water off of it. You can push softly by hand (do not smash them or break them) or put on the cutting board and put some heavy (but not too heavy to break the shape of tofu) stuff on the it so inside the water comes out. Then cut them and put starch on them.

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Tofu ———————————————-1
Potato starch ———————————-5tbs
Soba tsuyu (dashi) —————————–1cup
grated Daikon radish ————————–3tbs

potato starch

Put potato starch on the plate.


Wipe off water from Tofu.


Put starch on them, all 6 sides.

deep fry tofu

Put in the deep fryer and fry it.
I have deep fryer so it is easy to control the temperature. I put about 340 degrees for oil. If the temperature is too low, the potato starch will be soft and soggy. If it too high, you may barn the potato starch. You don’t need to cook long time for this recipe, you need to cook potato starch color turn to golden brown.

Finish age dashi tofu

Put Agedashi-tofu in the bowl and put Soba tsuyu dashi over it. Put grated daikon radish on top of Agedashi-dofu.