Izakaya food (Japanese Tapas bar)

This taste was OK, not great.  Kind of disappointment..


Cucumber with Miso
Miso taste was great! It was bit of sweetness. I don’t think they put sugar, though.

cucumber with miso

Sliced Onion with bonito flakes
Sorry I ate first. forgot to take picture before eat.

sliced onion with bonito flakes

Eat with Mayonaise


Cream cheese with miso taste
This was my first time to order and ate this. It was actually good. I thinki I will make this one soon.

cream cheese

I can not eat this in SC. It is different than any American Japanese restaurant yakitori (around here).
I was craving this! They have Tare and Shio, you can choose and I did tare witch is teriyaki sauce. Shio is salt.


How to Make Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches


How to make Teriyaki-Chicken-Sandwich, the Japanese sandwiches.

This page has many pictures; you can learn how to make Chicken Teriyaki.


American people think Teriyaki is a Japanese sauce. Because, there are many Teriyaki Sauce in the bottles at the grocery store.
Actually, “Teri Yaki” means “Shiny cooked”. Almost like very thick sauce on the food. For example, you cooked Chicken any flavors in the pot. The liquid dissolved and sauce is getting thicker and thicker, and sticking on the Chicken. It is a state of cooking, not the sauce.
Anyway, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich is popular food. Japanese usually call it “Teriyaki Chicken Burger” Or “Teriyaki Burger”. Even Japanese MacDonald’s or other first food burger shop has it.

The teriyaki sauce is good with mayonnaise! You can also try, regular burger cooks this way, and put vegetables and mayonnaise, it will be good, too!! Try it!

Ingredients: (per one person)

*Chicken ——————–One breast meat
*Sugar ———————-3/4 tsp
*Soy sauce ——————3/4 tsp
*Mirin ————————3/4 tsp
*Sake ———————–3/4 tsp
*Salt and Pepper
*Oil ————————-3/4 tsp

Salt and Pepper on the meat.

Put oil in the pan and cook chicken.

If you use the thicker chicken breast, make sure you cook inside also. I usually cook until outside is a little brown by high heat on both sides. Then, I turn the heat to medium and put lid on to make sure I cook thoroughly.

When chicken is cooked, put sauce (already mixed together) over the chicken. Sugar in the sauce should be dissolved or mixed well.

Do not put lid on and cook with low to mid heat – careful not burn it! It will easily burn because sugar is in the sauce.

The sauce is getting thicker and thicker. You should turn the meat so the sauce is getting onto the meat.

I cut the meat in half. Put mayonnaise on the bun and add all of the other ingredients.


teriyaki chicken sandwich